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@ the Airport Just Thinking.

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Hey Ya’ll,

Grace & peace.  I do hope all is well.

I’m chilling @ the CVG airport (Cincinnati’s airport that actually not in Cincinnati…it’s in Kentucky lol) just got a lot on my mind.

1st of all, I gotta fly to Dallas, TX today to minister to some youth in Merkel, TX about leadership.  I’m excited b/c the camp bought 50 cds in advance so that the kids would be familiar with my music before I arrive!  It always helps when the people you minister to know who you are 🙂  I still don’t know what to say.  I’m sure it’ll come when it’s time to rap.

2nd, I still can’t believe that Michael Jackson is dead.  He definitely had the biggest influence on me musically.   Thriller & Bad were the only albums my mom would let me listen to before she got saved.  I bought dangerous at the grocery store on tape.  My dad went to 4 stores to get “Moonwalker” for me.  Despite that I don’t neccessary use his musical influence in my music, he’s definitely someone I admired creatively and was saddened to hear about his death.  I can’t say “Rest in Peace” but I do hope that he became born again before he died.  I’m not the judge of that, nor will I try to be by guessing where he went (that’s so foolish!).

3rd, I just want to reach the height God has for me.  How will I know I reached it, I don’t know.  I think I’ll just know.  It’s NOT determined by how many cds I sell OR EVEN HOW MANY SOULS I BRING TO CHRIST.  Ultimately, what matters is “was God pleased with my activity and my heart?”

I got more on my mind, but I’ll stop here.  Just happy to be saved!

Bless God,


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