The Unexpected Impact of AI on Jobs & Creativity; plus Lyne Nsongo on Being a Proverbs 31 Woman

From Secular to Gospel: A Journey of Faith and Music

On this episode of Da Fixx, we’re diving into the world of Christian hip-hop, exploring the importance of faith-based music, and sharing an exclusive interview with the sensational Lyne Nsongo.

Finding Peace in God

Before we delve into the heart of our discussion, I’d like to share a daily devotional that has been on my mind. It’s about finding peace in God, regardless of the trials and sorrows we face in life. Remember, Jesus has overcome the world, and with God on our side, a peaceful life is within our reach.

The Importance of Christian Hip-Hop

In a recent interview with KB, a renowned Christian hip-hop artist, he emphasized the importance of supporting Christian hip-hop and educating our children about faith-based music. His newly released book, “Dangerous Jesus,” underscores the need to provide our kids with alternatives to mainstream music that often promotes negative messages.

As a host and a believer, I urge you all to support kingdom music and raise a generation that trusts in Jesus.

An Exclusive Interview with Lyne Nsongo

Today, we’re privileged to have an exclusive interview with the London sensation, Lyne Nsongo. Lyne recently rededicated her life to Christ and has been making waves in the gospel music scene. Her soulful voice, coupled with her exclusive sneaker collection, makes her a unique figure in the industry.

Lyne shares her journey from being a secular artist to transitioning into gospel music. She talks about the challenges she faced, such as the lack of gospel artists to look up to for inspiration and the fear of what people would think of her sudden switch from secular to gospel music.

Despite these challenges, Lyne was determined to follow God’s calling and pursue music that worships Him. She realized that her musical gift was from God and decided to use it for His glory. This shift in perspective allowed her songwriting to become more natural and inspired by her day-to-day experiences, conversations with God, and the Word.

The Relevance of the Proverbs 31 Woman

In our conversation, we also touched on the relevance of the Proverbs 31 woman in today’s society. Lyne believes that the word of God is never outdated and that women should strive to be like the Proverbs 31 woman. She emphasizes the importance of being virtuous, strong, and ambitious, while also acknowledging the need for a man in their lives.

The Impact of AI

Our discussion also ventured into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential effects on society. We expressed concerns about the future of the creative space in relation to AI and the potential consequences of venturing to other planets. We also discussed the role of AI in gathering information and the risks associated with AI, including concerns about robots taking over jobs and the potential for AI to become too powerful.

The Power of Information

In conclusion, we discussed the power of information and the responsibility of individuals, especially those with platforms or businesses, to be mindful of what they post. We highlighted the positive impact robots can have on individuals who may not be receptive to advice from humans. However, we also emphasized the importance of staying informed and maintaining real human interaction and experiences.

As we wrap up, we’d like to remind you all to check out Lyne Nsongo’s music and leave a comment to let us know what you thought of the show.

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The Impact of AI on Jobs, Creativity and Lyne Nsongo on Faith, Music and Being a Proverbs 31 Woman.


The importance of faith and peace [00:00:00] Discussion on the importance of having faith and finding peace in God amidst trials and sorrows.

Supporting Christian hip hop [00:02:08] Discussion on KB’s interview where he emphasizes the need to support Christian hip hop and educate kids about faith-based music.

Introduction to Lyne Nsongo [00:08:05] Lyne Nsongo, a London artist, and expresses excitement about her music and soulful voice.

Transition to Gospel [00:10:30] Lyne talks about her transition from secular music to gospel and the challenges she faced.

Revelation from God [00:13:01] Lyne shares her revelation that everything she has been given should be used for God’s glory and to save others through her music.

Reception of Transition [00:15:06] Lyne discusses how her family and peers initially received her transition to gospel music and how their perception has changed over time.

The Scary Decision [00:19:43] Discussion on the challenges and opportunities she faced when transitioning from secular to gospel music.

Being Oversexualized in the Music Industry [00:20:52] Discussion on the challenges of being a woman in a male-driven industry and the pressure to fit a certain image.

Music as Ministry [00:24:58] Lyne shares how perspective on music has changed, from chasing fame and money to doing it for the kingdom and as a ministry.

The Proverbs 31 Woman [00:29:24] Discussion on whether the Proverbs 31 woman is still relevant and attainable for women today.

Artificial Intelligence and Creatives [00:34:13] Exploration of how artificial intelligence is replacing creatives in various fields, including painting, drawing, and music.

The Impact of AI on Jobs [00:38:47] Discussion on how artificial intelligence is causing job losses in industries such as graphic design, web design, and painting.

Moving into the creative space [00:40:00] Discussion about the potential impact of digital advancements on job loss and concerns about moving into the creative space.

Concerns about going to other planets [00:40:52] Expressing nervousness about the idea of humans traveling to other planets and the possibility of encountering other life forms.

Benefits and risks of artificial intelligence [00:43:21] Exploration of the benefits of AI, such as increased work efficiency and improved search engine processes, as well as the risks involved, including the fear of robots taking over and the use of robots in medical procedures.

The efficiency in healthcare system [00:49:47] Discussion about how AI and machines are more efficient than humans in healthcare, shortening healing time.

Robots taking over different areas [00:50:35] Robots are being used in various industries, including making hamburgers and sorting medication.

Concerns about the environmental impact of AI [00:52:33] Artificial Intelligence machines require a different element called selenium, which is damaging the earth’s crust and putting pressure on the planet.

The benefits of humanoid robots in mental health [01:00:29] Discussion on how humanoid robots can help identify mental health issues faster, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The power of information in AI [01:01:09] Exploration of how AI collects and utilizes information to help people, including psychologists using data to program robots to provide respectful conversations.

The pros and cons of artificial intelligence [01:07:17] Closing thoughts on the importance of understanding artificial intelligence acknowledging its benefits in certain areas, but also expressing reservations and concerns about its implementation.