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The New Single by Shine: “Easy” drops Aug.24th 2010

Concept: In the recent days we’ve seen alot going on in the world to where one might label these as “Hard Times” There actually hasn’t been any “Goodtimes” since the fall of man but weve seen failures in the economy, natural disasters, crime increase and every other thing you could possibly imagine as a direct result of sin. These things could easily effect ones hope and leave one with a defeated mentallity. Whats even more alarming is that this defeated mentallity has even krepted over into the church. Matt12:37 says “For by thy words are you justifed, and by thy words are you condemned. Matt. 11:30 says “My yoke is easy and my burden is light…” So if any situation that we are facing is easy for Him, then its easy in Him. Our words are eternal meaning that they are forever. The enemy knows this, so why the rest of the world is claiming how hard times are, we the Body of Christ should be proclaiming what our Heavenly Father says… its Easy!

Release: “Easy” is set to be released August 24th 2010 as a digital download through various online outlets such as Itunes, Amazon, Holyculture Downloads, the and many other outlets.

About Shine: Emcees, producer, interviewer for, and former show host of Ressurwreck Radio…Shine has made a full circle and has come back to do what God had initially called him to do. And that was be an emcee. With the release of “Easy” the first single off of his long awaited album “The Phavorite One” Shine has already created a stir around the industry. Click here for full bio.

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