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The Powerful Testimony of Timothy S. Logan II: CEO of Christ Like Records (Rio aka KuntryBoyy’s label)

Published on April 14, 2010

Wow! Look what God has done! Timothy S. Logan II aka Jentile is just another outstanding testimony of God’s Amazing Grace and unmatchable power. Tim grew up in a stable home where good morals were taught, but the most important thing was missing…The Gospel. That being said, Tim fell into heavy drug use, alcoholism, and promiscuous living as a young teenager. God miraculously delivered Tim at the age of nineteen from a “mushroom trip” that went terribly wrong. To make a long story short, he entered a baptism tank under heavy influence of the drug along with being literally attacked by evil spirits. He was baptized in the powerful name of Jesus Christ and came out of the water SOBER!! Tim had a couple more up and down years and finally after meeting his, now, wife Kelly committed, along with her, to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Under the alias Jentile, he released his first EP labeled Christ-Like in 2004. In the same year he linked up with Gabriel Hearst aka Gabe Jones and formulated a duo called BandOfBrothas. Shortly after their union Tim started an independent record label called Christ Like Records. BandOfBrothas released an EP called The Prelude in 2007. In 2008 they began fellowship with Christian rap artist and producer Rio aka KuntryBoyy. Rio helped with a big part of the production and was featured on two tracks on their debut album Believe which was released November 14. Tim went on to sign Rio to his emerging record label and since they have released Rio’s debut album A Different World. After a friendly and mutual decision, Tim and Gabriel made a decision to part ways and focus on solo endeavors. So with all this under “Jentile’s” belt and a family of four, he and Rio have committed to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Christ Like Records and local ministry! Written By: Timothy S. Logan II

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