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theshow-200-christianraphiphopnewsTuesday April 21st 2009 during Gospel Music Week in Nashville, TN is the biggest praise party of the year for holy hip-hop fans; THE SHOW: The Best In Holy Hip-Hop will feature some of the hottest acts in the industry like Ton3x, Mr. Del & Holy South, Canton Jones, and I-Rocc as well as some of the hottest up & coming artists like K-Drama, Carnival,

D-M.A.U.B., Tre9, and Pro just to name a few of the 40+ artists performing.  The event is presented by Life-Line Worldwide and PS21 Media Group and will be held at The Anchor Fellowship at 629 3rd Avenue South in Nashville, TN 37210.

THE SHOW: The Best In Holy Hip-Hop Set List:

  • 5:00PM-5:10-Announcements
  • 5:10PM-5:20-Nate James
  • 5:20PM-5:30-Or1ginal
  • 5:30PM-5:40-GTK, B-Holy, Big Nick
  • 5:40PM-5:50-Seize
  • 5:50PM-6:00-Theory Hazit
  • 6:00PM-6:10-Supamario
  • 6:10PM-6:20-T-Dogg/Lil La La
  • 6:20PM-6:30-Easop
  • 6:30PM-6:40-Antonious
  • 6:40PM-6:50-Transparent
  • 6:50PM-7:00-Mista & Mrs Taylor
  • 7:00PM-7:10-G-Rod
  • 7:10PM-7:20-Frontlynaz
  • 7:20PM-7:30-Big AL
  • 7:30PM-7:40-This’L
  • 7:40PM-7:50-Dillon Chase, Dry Bones Live(f-1-Lyfe), Dre Sr.(Kingdom City Records)
  • 7:50PM-8:00-Ricky B.
  • 8:00PM-8:10-Blue Chip & Specialist
  • 8:10PM-8:20-Corey Red
  • 8:20PM-8:30-Pro
  • 8:30PM-8:40-Xross
  • 8:40PM-8:50-Viktory
  • 8:50PM-9:00-Prodigal Son
  • 9:00PM-9:10-Brinson
  • 9:10PM-9:20-D-M.A.U.B.
  • 9:20PM-9:30-Bobby Bishop
  • 9:30PM-9:40-Applejaxx
  • 9:40PM-9:50-Tha Gim
  • 9:50PM-10:00-Carnival
  • 10:00PM-10:10-K-Drama/Street Pastor
  • 10:10PM-10:20-Mark J
  • 10:20PM-10:30-Domino
  • 10:30PM-10:45-DJ Morph, G-Notes, Joe Justiz(Underground Blaze Records)
  • 10:45PM-10:55-R-Swift/Young Josh
  • 10:55PM-11:05-Tre9
  • 11:05PM-11:15-I-Rocc
  • 11:15PM-11:30-Mr. Del & Holy South
  • 11:30PM-11:45-Canton Jones/Messenja
  • 11:45PM-12:00AM-Ton3x

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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