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The Village Church drops a new album titled Raging Strong presenting a combination of worship songs, spoken word poetry and hip-hop.  Check out the video talking about the project.


1. Battle Cry (feat. Isaac Wimberley and Tedashii)
2. The Claim (feat. Isaac Wimberley)
3. Raging Strong (feat. Isaac Wimberley)
4. Warrior (feat. Isaac Wimberley)
5. Weary Soul (feat. Isaac Wimberley)
6. Saints Say (feat. Isaac Wimberley)
7. Seek the Lord (feat. Isaac Wimberley)
8. Nearness (feat. Taylor Roark)
9. Abide (feat. Isaac Wimberley and Taylor Roark)
10. Benediction (feat. Isaac Wimberley)

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