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The Apologist Ft. Believin Stephen – Mass Confusion

The Apologist and Believin Stephen came together to create the song “Mass Confusion”. This song discusses the many disturbing events that occurred in 2020-2021 such as covid-19, quarantine, police brutality, and MORE! They have an important question… Where should everyone turn during times like these?

More About the Project:
This past year of March 2020-March 2021 has been a crazy one to say the least!! From the spread of coronavirus, national lockdowns and quarantines, people getting laid off or furloughed, sports seasons getting cancelled, police brutality, civil unrest, riots, protests, political and election beef, storming of the Capitol, deaths of many due to COVID, celebrity deaths, Christians falling away from the faith.

In other words there has been seemingly Mass Confusion. Where should we turn in times like this?

Check out the brand new music video from the ‘After the Storm’ album “Mass Confusion” by The Apologist and Believin Stephen to find out!

Mass Confusion- The Apologist x Believin Stephen
Beat by The Apologist
Lyrics by The Apologist x Believin Stephen
Album- “After the Storm

First Verse
The Apologist
The heart of mankind a factory of idols
Help us Lord we ask for revival
Is this the last hour? Uncertain!
The church without power? the final curtain!
Is it victimology or white supremacy
The patriarchy is that the enemy?
I’m all for protesting minus looting
Protect my investments police shooting!
The world we’re living in soliloquy of chaos
We’re giving in to sin politically they play us
Mankind, stands blind, can’t find the true vine
End times, I’m inclined to send rhymes to young minds.
What’s the solution? a substitution!
The Nazarene takes the pollution
Your heart cries cause you’re been exposed to your dark lies
Sins separated you from God like apartheid!

Second Verse
Believin Stephen
After the storm gotta clean the debris
From the trees and the leaves that were smashed and then torn
Rapping some more and yall cats have been warned
Because we spazzin for sure and it is easy to see
You lifting heavy but you lacking the form
We ain’t seekin to please we ain’t rapping the norm
God’s peepin our needs, let’s pray and be on our knees
See He was bleeding for me in Christ we can be free
I hope COVID is ova, I flow for Jehovah
This ain’t no pop like you’re opening soda
I know you’re a boaster
Ashamed of Christ but will brag bout a sticker that shows you’re a voter!
The rain’s all dry but in pain you cried
Stuck in quarantine gotta stay inside
You provide the Spirit, You gave me the Helper
And when I’m in the storm I am safe you’re my shelter!

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