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X-Hustler Music has revealed the album cover and tracklisting for Thi’sl’s newest project titled ‘Beautiful Monster’ scheduled for release on July 26th.

Tracklisting for Beautiful Monster:

1.Beautiful Music (Produced by Swoope)
2. Let it Knock ft. Pro (Produced by Geeda)
3. The First 48 (Produced by J.R)
4. Beautiful Monster ft. Skrip and Swoope (Produced by Skrip)
5. Beautiful Mind ft. Pastor Ad3 (Produced by Geeda)
6. Hope Road ft. Jai (Produced by Spec)
7. No Walls ft. Alcam (Produced by Geeda)
8. My Radio On Drugs (Produced by Street Symphony)
9. Money (Produced by D-Flow Da Brassman)
10. Hey Momma ft. Fitzgerald (Produced by Skrip)
11. It’s Not About Me ft. Pettidee (Produced by Street Symphony)
12. Signed Up To Die (Produced by Kadence)
13. I’m So Gone ft. Kenny Deshields (Produced by Skrip)
14. Hold On ft. Fitzgerald (Produced by Juice)

Bonus Track
15. I Need You ft. Michelle Bonilla (Produced by Lee Jerkins)

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