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Threat – I Believe

Threat brings new hip hop Christian music that fearlessly takes a stand for a counter-cultural faith in a season where wickedness is at its peak. While Christians across the nation are participating in Halloween-inspired festivities, churches have closed in a sheepish response to unconstitutional ordinances and believers are more hard-pressed than ever to find godly fellowship in their communities, Threat is going against the grain as a wake-up call to this generation of hip-hop.

Coupled with a video of Threat burning down a “Halloween decoration”, his song I BELIEVE makes it clear that he is no fan of the holiday. Straight-forward lyrics that boldly expose the works of the enemy seem to slide right over the dark, gritty instrumental by Moroccan producer Yung Nab. Audio Engineer and fellow believer Sam Smith (5MITH) delivers the teeth-clenching tone Threat is known for on this October 31st rap release. If nothing else, I BELIEVE is a timely testimony of the power of Jesus told with a clarity that rarely reaches a record.


I believe
The devil has come to deceive
So many tricks up his sleeve
How could this happen to me?
The predator prey on the weak
They got they tongue in they cheek
The Shephard is savin’ His sheep
But they haven’t prayed in week
The devil is out on the street
He’s got his dogs on a leash
Tryna put paws on the mink
Seen the good fall for the schemes
But my head down in a dream

I’ma rain down gasoline
Didn’t come to here to make scene
But the watchman never sleep
Bout to run down what you mean
I pray a demon inside of a bind it’s really divine
Walk by faith not sight
Make dark walk in the light light light one spark it ignite in the far sight
Man see men like trees. Blind man don’t be deceived
Test that hope you believe wanna roll with da team gotta throw me the keys
I’m tryna go til’ it bleed.
Gethsemane like like Nazarene type
Even at night I’m a street light. I don’t play nice, know the dogs got a mean bite

Tell ’em flee tie ’em down
Be at peace never lie down
Enemies hide out
But the beef never die down
They can leave ride out
I’ma king this is my town
It wanna scream tell it pipe down
Name of Jesus, right now
Name of Jesus
Promised that He’ll never leave us
Devil has come to deceive us
His kingdom will crumble to pieces

I believe
The devil has come to deceive
Leviathan under the seas
I’m tryna uncover the things
Like monsters under the sheets
But not like Monsters Inc
I say be gone, capisce
Church got soft and weak
Startin’ to look like Dawson’s Creek.
Sat in a cell, couldn’t pay for a loophole
Don’t be ashamed if you do so
Goulash hit but it came from a soup bowl
Gotta’ make way for the new folk
We go to war no guns straight sumo
Last in the paint say Uno
Haitian descent but the scent ain’t Voodo
Higher praise not kudos

Beyond my years but still act a fool though
That’s why da game so crucial
I could cut off the ear of the intruder
Rather reach for the tool that’s useful
They can talk tough but they heart pump glucose
Can’t let the heart get too close
Trust in a girl get her jewelry and new clothes
Then they come back like school clothes
Live from the tree top way up here we don’t fear street cops
Fam rock Reebok so they gon’ hate when the coat got stains like peacock
Everything truth in the booth no Aesop, we been goin live since bebop
Betta know ya boy got a rock in the slingshot til’ I’m goin up like Enoch

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