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Tips to Best Live Stream Your Concert Events

Published on March 9, 2021

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A routine part of Christian musicians’ job description is putting up a live performance to commune in the spirit with their audience. It is what you enjoy doing as a musician. Many people see their practice hours ahead of a live performance as leisure time. However, the world is rapidly going digital.

According to the Communications Market Report by Ofcom in 2018, about 64% of adults in the UK say the Internet is an essential part of their lives; 20% of adults spend more than 40 hours online a week. And the (Christian) music industry is following suit, too.

The fans are now demanding another form of performance that musicians aren’t used to – live streams: about 81% of Internet users viewed more live-streamed content in 2016 than they did in 2015. And, undoubtedly, this new wave needs a different set of performance skills. This article provides the top 7 tips to best live stream your next Christian rap concert.

Of course, live streaming has its own advantages. The most common are:

  • Live stream allows Christian rap artists to showcase various songs in their catalog.
  • It engages your fans more.
  • Musicians are exposed to more sales opportunities with live streams.
  • Improved content strategy.

Top 7 Tips to Best Live Stream Your Christian Rap Concert

Without any further ado, let us get straight into our top 7 tips to best live stream your Christian rap concert.

  1. Understand How Your Live Streaming Technology Works in Advance

    You won’t want to start figuring how your device works while you are live. Doing so puts you at the risk of losing viewers. Have a strong Internet connection before going live and ensure your device is fully-charged or using plugged-in power, etc. Ensure the device is properly positioned. Find the best angle that doesn’t only capture the whole scene but also allows you to read and respond to real-time comments.

  2. Monetize Your Performance

    Another expert tip for Christian rap artists who are planning to live stream their concerts is to ensure their choice of the platform makes it easier for persons to contribute. Regardless of your live streaming platform, never underestimate the donation capabilities of your viewers. You can also choose to sell virtual tickets to your live stream concert!

  3. Promote

    Nobody will know anything if you do not talk about it. Let your fans and target audience know that you will be going live for your rap concert. Share your e-flyers on social media channels directing people to the live stream, do promotional campaigns, etc. Facebook and Instagram are your perfect choices to promote your live concerts!
    Promotional adverts should contain important information such as the date of the concert, the live streaming platform, and details on ticket sales (if you’ll be selling virtual tickets).

  4. Consider Time Zones

    Live streaming is more interesting and fulfilling as a Christian if you can reach several fans worldwide to worship with you on your live stream. However, a major challenge facing live streams is the time zone. Before settling on a date and time, ensure you consider the time zones of your fans worldwide. Check out your main music store to decide the best time zone for your tribe (fans). You may also consider making the streaming video available for others who missed it by chance to watch and interact accordingly

  5. Engage with Your Viewers

    It is great to have a robust connection and interact with your fans during your virtual concert; it is greater to offer them immediate feedback. Of course, it seems weird to feel like you are conversing with nobody. Nonetheless, ensure you are keeping a great dialogue with your viewers.

  6. Be Genuine

    Be as real as possible. Live streams should be more fun than live performances. People are looking to connect and interact with other persons; being real and true to yourself can be your viewers’ point of interest. Don’t not follow a rigid order of events for your live stream concerts – be as flexible as possible. You can even have your kids, pets, wife, or significant other around while going live. It even allows your fans to know you well.

  7. Be a Good Viewer in Return

    Don't just stay receiving; give too! Being at the receiving end of a successful live stream concert is usually enjoyable. However, ensure you return such love and attention. Statements as simple as “thank you” and an action as easy as a post like go the extra mile. Engage your fans page, let them feel you are around and care for them. Be their viewer too!


What Should I Play on My I Live Stream?

Having known the best tips to live stream a Christian rap concert, the next big question is, “what songs should I perform?” If this is your first time live streaming, it is advisable your play more of your already-known songs. And that is an excellent way to start! However, there aren’t really any song restrictions during live streams. You should be focused on performing rap songs that engage with your audience and ultimately glorifies the Lord.

How Do I Make Money from Live Streams

We discussed this in one of the concerts live stream tips discussed in this article. Basically, there are a few ways of making money from live streaming your concert. Basically, regular live streams let you connect more with your fans, which translates into more money either through ticket sales, merch sales, etc. You can also earn directly from live streaming your concert on some live streaming platforms such as YouTube Live, Instagram Live, and Facebook Live. You may also want consider adding a PayPal link to your Instagram Bio page.

How Long Should My Live Stream Be?

The duration of the live stream is relative, and it is dependent on several factors. Technically, there is no defined answer to this. Instead, it depends on factors such as the number of viewers, engagements, type of live stream platform you are using, your musical style, etc. Nonetheless, knowing the best timeframe for your rap concert is a learning experience. Generally, if you notice people leaving your virtual concert, you should consider putting such a session to an end.

What Are the Best Live Stream Platforms?

There are several live stream platforms for virtual Christian rap concerts. The list is seemingly numberless. Some reliable platforms to consider for your next live stream Christian rap concert are YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Zoom, and Twitch.

Final Thoughts

Your live stream concert may be very simple or elaborate. Elaborate streaming concerts are achieved by including multiple camera angles, better sound design, video processing, etc. However, whether simple or elaborate, what matters regardless is the quality of performance. When preparing for your next rap virtual concert, ensure your video and audio game is top-notch! Your primary aim is connecting with your audience.

You can use any decent background for your virtual concert too. But then, this also depends on whether it's an elaborate concert or a simple one. You may choose to use non-conventional spaces, too. Creativity is key in this regard. Also, nowadays, having at least a basic knowledge of video and audio production gives musicians an edge over others.

Above all, ensure you have fun! There is no one-cap-fits-all rule to planning a live stream concert. Be as creative and curious as possible. Be flexible and try to make the best out of this emerging alternative to live performances!

After reading our top 7 tips to best live stream your Christian rap concert and some more answers to musicians' major questions, you should be all set to host your first ever or next virtual concert!

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