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To Haiti with love is a benefit concert with a missions theme featuring the music ministry’s of HanSoul, Japhia Life, Stephen The Levite, Leah Smith, Nneka Best, Speak Praise Mime and others to lift up The Name, Person, Gospel, Cross, and Kingdom of Jesus and help gain funds to go directly to the rebuilding of Haiti as well as raise awareness within The Body of Christ and society as a whole to the gross greed and neglect many 1st World country residents (us) partake in while neglecting our “two thirds” world neighbors (2/3 vs. 3rd world because 2/3 of the world is now 3rd world).

“All” proceeds will go directly to Haitian Relief Efforts (Samaratan’s Purse and others)

This will be a multi-media music ministry event with concert, visual clips, and prayer for Haiti.

Although this is a 14-4o year old response to Haiti all ages are encouraged to come out and make Jesus Name famous.

Come out and make a difference! and may your life be changed forever!

The concert is free a love offering will be received.

For more information email
or call the event sponsor New Covenant Church of Philadelphia
at 215-247-7500

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