Trap Theology: Plain James, Bringing Faith to the Streets & the Squad Gets Real About Resisting Temptation

On this episode of Da Fixx, we discuss a variety of topics, including temptation, women’s history month, and personal growth.

Trap Theology

Our special guest, Plain James, shared his journey from a life of violence and drugs to becoming a Christian rapper and street minister and the inspiration behind his Trap Theology. He emphasized the importance of reaching out to people in the streets with love and humility, and the power of music to bring people to Christ.

He talks about how he started hustling and gambling to make money, but eventually had a realization that he needed to make a change in his life. He credits a fellow Christian artist, who had already gone through a transformation, for helping him see the light and guiding him towards ministry.

We also talk about the importance of developing a flow and building confidence as an artist. Plain James emphasizes the importance of maintaining one’s identity in Christ and not letting the opinions of others sway you. He also talks about his upcoming project, “Trap Trilogy,” and how he balances his music, ministry, and personal life.

Temptation and how to fight it.

We also examine the topic of temptation and the importance of accountability in resisting it. We talked about the temptation of unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks, and how renewing one’s mind and staying focused on God can help prevent falling into temptation. They also talked about the importance of understanding the consequences of one’s choices and seeking God’s guidance in making them.

We share some tips on recognizing and resisting temptation, including knowing oneself and one’s weaknesses, having accountability partners, and avoiding places or people that may lead to temptation. We talk about the need to resist the devil and to walk in gratitude, as it can help in resisting temptation. We discuss the consequences of falling into temptation, such as the destruction of relationships.

We also discuss the toxicity that can exist in some marriages, even among believers, and the importance of keeping God at the center of the relationship. We encourage people to resist the urge of talking to each other in a negative way and to remember that their partner is a gift from God.

Overall, this episode highlights the importance of accountability and faith in resisting temptation and living a fulfilling life. It emphasizes the need to prioritize God and His promises, to stay focused on turning negative situations into positive ones, and to prioritize kingdom advancement. So, let’s all take a step towards resisting temptation and walk in faith and love.

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Trap Theology: Plain James is Bringing Faith to the Streets & the Squad Gets Real About Resisting Temptation

Introduction [00:00:00] The hosts introduce themselves and the show, and discuss their return after a break.

Temptation [00:03:17] The hosts discuss the topic of temptation, covering both spiritual and physical aspects.

Exclusive spiritual detox with Plain James [00:06:55] The hosts interview Plain James, a rapper and street minister from Atlanta, discussing his faith journey and ministry.

Life Choices [00:08:25] Plain James talks about his life choices and how he got involved in the street culture.

Challenges of Leaving the Street Life [00:13:00] Plain James discusses the challenges of leaving the street life and why it’s hard for people to trust in something they cannot see.

Approaching People in the Spirit of Love and Humility [00:15:05] Plain James talks about how the church can do better in approaching people from the streets with love and humility.

How Playing James Started Rapping [00:15:59] Plain James talks about how he started rapping and the process of developing his skills.

Creating Music and Advice for Aspiring Artists [00:18:26] Plain James discusses his creative process and gives advice to aspiring artists on being authentic, consistent, and maintaining their identity in Christ.

Introduction to Trap Theology [00:23:12] Plain James explains the origins and meaning of his ministry.

New Music [00:25:45] Plain James talks about his upcoming album, Trap Trilogy, and the features on it.

Balancing Ministry and Music [00:28:07] Plain James discusses how he balances his music and ministry, and the importance of prioritizing what matters and relying on God’s strength.

State of Hip Hop [00:31:16] Discussion on the current state of hip hop, its growth as a genre, and whether it has stayed true to its origins.

Recognizing Temptation [00:34:29] The hosts discuss the difficulty of recognizing temptation, the importance of accountability.

Last Minute Temptations at Grocery Stores [00:39:13] The hosts talk about the temptation of unhealthy snacks and drinks at grocery store checkouts, and how they are strategically placed to take advantage of people’s impatience.

  • Prayer [00:40:19 – 00:43:25] * The speakers discuss how temptation can be overcome through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They also talk about the importance of being mindful of the company one keeps.
  • Pornography and False Expectations [00:44:19 – 00:47:47] * The speakers discuss the negative impact of pornography on marriages and how it creates false expectations. They also talk about the importance of holding oneself accountable and being realistic about physical changes that come with age and childbirth.
  • Concealed Carry and Paperwork [00:48:53 – 00:49:02] * The speakers briefly mention concealed carry and paperwork.

Recognizing Temptation [00:49:05] The hosts discuss recognizing temptation and how to avoid falling into it, including the HALT method and knowing oneself.

Love God More [00:53:06] Dice Gamble talks about the importance of loving God more than one’s own flesh and practicing this daily.

Consequences [00:56:29] The hosts discuss the consequences of giving in to temptation, including how it can tear families apart and lead to death.

Love God, Follow Jesus, and Walk in Gratitude [00:58:18] Dice Gamble discusses the top three things that will help resist temptation, including loving God, following Jesus, and walking in gratitude.

Improving Self-Control [01:00:30] The hosts emphasize the importance of improving self-control.

Using Technology [01:02:36] DJ Focus suggests using technology, such as apps that send daily scriptures and words of encouragement, to help fight temptation.

Toxic Relationships [01:07:23] The hosts talk about toxic relationships, including married couples, and the importance of keeping God at the center of the marriage.

Temptation in Marriage [01:08:40] DJ Focus and Dice discuss the temptation of talking to each other in the wrong way and how it can lead to toxic communication and tearing down households.