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Trip Lee: The End Is Only The Beginning

Published on May 20, 2022

Trip Lee is finally back with his new album “The End.” Released in March 2022; this is his first release since The Waiting Room in 2016. And this time, he is not holding anything back. 

Right out the gate, there is a lyrical focus on abandoning earthly dreams and fame and replacing them with trust in Jesus Christ, hence the album name “The End.” I was immediately struck by lines such as “When I’m gone who cares if I’m known, I’m just headed home” from “Homecoming” and “This might get me dough…but I think I might need somethin’ for my soul” from “You Got It.” This album has a much different tone than previous works of Lee’s, as it conveys themes of matured faith and what I would say is walking the path less traveled through Jesus. 

Letting go of earthly desires is something everyone struggles with and is no doubt a focus of Lee’s. He wants the listeners to learn from what he has been through and know that money and fame aren’t necessarily the answers in life. “I don’t wanna gain the world and lose my soul, so where else can I go?” (“You Got It”). Essentially, Trip Lee is saying the only way toward a truly fulfilling life is through Christ, and I just so happen to agree with him. 

Musically speaking, the flows and beats on The End are fresh and fun. They almost impose their will of getting you to tap your foot, instantly drawing you into the music. I am not a huge rap fan, and even I was grasped by the pumping bass and different electronic twists. There is a really good balance throughout the album of fast, lyric-driven verses and more melodic, emotional choruses. It is effective at keeping the listener intrigued. 

Lee also included several features on the album from WHATUPRG, Wande, Taylor Hill, KB, and Desi Raines. These artists add even more lyrical relatability and keep the album from getting boring or repetitive. I never once got bored listening to “The End.” 

The themes of this album are real, relatable, and simple: “I’m a sinner, I don’t gotta pretend. Holy, holy only thing I’m seekin’” (“The Witness”). It is obvious that Trip Lee has spiritually matured and found himself over the past six years of his absence. I think “The End” can help you do the same. It is a must for any Trip Lee fan but also for struggling people everywhere in need of the love of Jesus. Remember, the end of our earthly desires is the beginning of a blessed life following the Lord. 


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