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True=Triumphant_Album_Release=200=ChristianRapHipHopNewsTrue, an artist from Toledo, Ohio, is back with his newest album, Triumphant! His debut album is scheduled to release October 10th, 2009. The album includes all original production and will be available for purchase on CDBaby, ITunes, Amazon, and more. This cd demonstrates the growth and maturity of True, as an artist and a child of God. Every song is inspired through the word and revelation of who God truly is.

Being triumphant does not mean being better than others, or merely surviving life’s troubles. Triumphant in the Kingdom of God means to be overcomers of what satan throws in our way to cause us to stumble, being conquerors of the traps of the devil. Life can be complicated and to experience true joy and victory in the Lord is the ultimate triumph. Knowing and living in the victory of Jesus Christ will be encouragement to persevere in the face of hardships.

True wants the listener to walk away from the cd feeling victorious, knowing that through the empowerment and strength of the Holy Spirit in Christ we can come out triumphant in any situation, even in the midst of this fallen world. Not only is True’s heart to encourage unbelievers to seek after the Lord Jesus Christ to achieve the victory, but also inspire those who have a relationship with the King to never settle for sin! Triumphant is based off the most impacting scripture in True’s life, Revelation 12:11, which states that by the blood of the lamb, we have overcome the enemy. We have the victory of Jesus Christ and the devil has no power and dominion over us! True’s ultimate hope and prayer for this cd is that through it, God can speak to the listeners and they can be encouraged to realize their strength in the Lord. There is no situation that is too big or too hard for the Lord to help you be triumphant in!

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