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True Muzik – Jesus First

Every day we wake up with a choice. Do we choose life or death? Do we choose the ways of this world and its sinful desires or do we choose to put Jesus First above everything else? True Muzik strongly urges the listener to put Christ at the forefront of their life and choose Him above and beyond anything this world has to offer!

Always looking ahead because I never look back
Hand to the plow because life is gone in a flash
Till I’m in the sky or I be in a hearse
No matter what the circumstance Jesus always come first
I put Him first, I put Jesus First, I put Jesus First
I put, I put, I put Jesus First
I put Jesus First, I put Jesus First
I put, I put, I put Jesus First

Verse 1:
What a time to be alive and I know what i’m here for
Eyes to the sky with Christ I rise when He appear bro
Distractions ain’t lacking they coming right for you so I suggest you don’t ignore truth
Focus on Him this I implore you, take my eyes off I can’t afford to
Where I was heading I switched it up my treasure in heaven that never rust
This world I had enough bet against Him you out of luck
Ain’t back peddling because I know that one day He’s gonna get me
A life lived for Him aint wasted but used richly
Hand to the plow full steam ahead gotta get my daily bread
By His Spirit I am led covered by the blood He shed
Gotta walk worthy of this call that I don’t take lightly
He’s the Lord King of kings Elohim strong and mighty
So when I go to battle He’s on my side and go before me
All His enemies will bow down and they will give Him glory
Rock steady feet to the dirt my duties I dont desert
Through it all and above all else I gotta put my Jesus first


Verse 2:
Jesus stay in first place He won’t come second not by far
He defeated all His enemies under His heel He crushed them all
Author and finisher of the faith took my chains and made them break
Once enslaved and depraved until Christ gave me escape
Eyes on the prize vision aint impaired living in truth not in despair
Won’t fall for the enemy’s snare so at His right hand I’ll be there
Until then I stay on mission with the vision that He given
Driven to finish the great commission His will I aint dismissing
I pray it come eyes on the Son must advance His kingdom
Clip loaded bullets of truth spraying like a machine gun
I put Him first till i’m in a hearse or He comes and takes me
He is my worth Him I serve because He won’t forsake me
The gospel of Christ is always number one on the agenda
I trust His promise so when trials come I won’t surrender
I don’t care what you think about me Christ is my priority
He’s the reason I am breathing so I live for His glory


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August 26, 2019

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