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It’s 12:13am and I’m grubbin’ on some grilled chicken.  This bar-b-q sauce I got from when I was in Miami, FL with Otis (most of ya’ll know him as Street Sermonz) is off the building!  Mr. C, I need some more of this.

Today was a good day.  I woke up, read some more about Exodus and prayed for many things.  Mainly interceded for some unsaved friends and family members with health issues.

Charde got her hair done today, so it was a Daddy/Daughter day.  I had to discipline my daughter b/c her attitude needed to get checked, but I’d rather whoop her now then suffer the consequences for sparing the rod later.  Overall she was a joy and I enjoyed kicking it with her.  We wanted to go outside, but it was raining.  She forced me to play X-Box (not even joking), we watched Wow, Wow Wubbzy, and ate good healthy snacks!

Charde came home from the hairdresser and was looking stunning!  Oh yeah.  She brought me home some lunch from the japanese restaurant (or is that Korean?  I get them confused.  Forgive me Lord).  My daughter fell asleep on my lap again and then Charde decided to take a nap.  So I went upstairs to work on beats.

Cam gave me a call.  He’s gonna do a “Air Jordan” Remix with D-M.A.U.B.!  This will be mad different b/c this will be the 1st singing version to my knowledge.  Look out for that next week.

I was working on some multitracks for my dude Scope (I have to multitrack in real time b/c I have hardware).  As one of the sounds was recording, I was trying to configure my midi/usb interface on my laptop so that I can hook up my hardware (MPC 1000, Motif 6 & Fantom XA) to my software (Ableton Live).  However, I had a tough time with that.  I ended up quitting the multitracks b/c I was in too deep with this configuration bidness.  I spent like 2 hours on it and ended up with…ehhh…nothing!  I even read the manuel and tried to google was I was trying to do.  Am I the only one who’s trying to do this?  Or am I just wording it wrong.  If I do what I see in my head, I will gain so much freedom, liberty and power with my beatmaking capabilities (plus save a lot of time).  Looks like tomorrow I’ll try it all again!

I left my work alone for the night and then went to give my daughter a bath.  Naima, Charde & I went to the grocery store .04 miles away from us and bought mass food.  We got home, put Naima to bed, watched LOST (which is crazier than ever now and I’m sooooooooooooo itching to see next week’s episode), and now I’m here.  I’m finna head to bed after this.

Tomorrow we (my family) are going to the museum!  I’m excited!  This will be Naima’s 1st time and I haven’t been in like 15 years 🙂  

Talk to ya’ll later!  


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