Sobriety and Spirituality: Tvinci’s Inspiring Faith Journey and an Honest Conversation About Addiction.

We recently had an enlightening conversation with our guest, Terrell “Tvinci” Pettus; a gifted singer, songwriter, and musician. We also have an honest real talk discussion about addiction. Today, I want to share with you the insights and lessons from that episode.

Waking Up with Gratitude

We started the episode by encouraging our listeners to wake up and be grateful for another day. It’s a simple yet powerful reminder that every day is a gift. We then introduced our guest, Tvinci who recently released an EP titled “No Complaints.” Known for his work as a background singer for Pastor Mike Junior and other gospel and mainstream artists, Tvinci’s talent and stage presence are truly admirable.

The Struggle of Staying Sober as a Christian

One of the main topics we discussed was the struggle of staying sober as a Christian. It’s a topic that resonates with many, and we delved into the reasons behind it. We also touched on the fact that Tuesday is considered the most productive day of the week.

Tvinci’s Faith Journey and Musical Inspirations

Tvinci shared his faith journey and how he got into music. Growing up as a pastor’s kid in a church, he was inspired by Pastor Mike Junior’s success. He also discussed the challenges and benefits of being a PK, and how it shaped his musical journey. When asked about his musical inspirations, To Vinci mentioned artists like James Fortune, Kirk Franklin, and Jonathan McReynolds. He realized his talent to pursue music professionally after working on a project called “Stand Out” in 2013.

The Creative Process and Bridging the Gap

Tvinci’s creative process varies depending on the situation. Sometimes ideas come to him on the fly, and he records them as voice notes on his phone. He also collaborates with his brother, a producer, to bring their creative ideas to life. We also discussed the current state of gospel music and the potential for collaborations with mainstream artists. Tvinci believes that gospel music has the talent, songs, and message to compete with mainstream music.

The Importance of Staying Sober

We delved into the importance of staying sober, discussing the reasons why people turn to substances to cope with life’s challenges. We emphasized the importance of self-control and discipline in maintaining sobriety. We also shared our personal experiences with addiction and the impact it has had on our lives. We stressed the importance of seeking help and not delaying treatment, encouraging listeners to reach out to someone for support.

Overcoming Addiction with Faith

We emphasized the importance of relying on faith to overcome addiction. Addiction can be broken, but it requires leaning on something other than oneself. We shared our personal experiences as recovering addicts and highlighted the need to constantly lean on God’s word and be prayed up. We also discussed the importance of learning to say no and not giving in to addictive behaviors.

Tvinci’s Musical Talent and Success

We praised Tvinci’s ability to stay in the pocket and deliver melodic performances. His hit song “Way Up” featuring Nadia showcases his talent. His album “No Complaints” reflects his testimony and faith in God. We discussed how Tvinci took a leap of faith by relocating and joining Pastor Mike Junior’s church, which led to him becoming a part of the praise team and a traveling musician.


We concluded by urging listeners to stay focused on their purpose and to turn their negative experiences into positive ones. To connect with Tvinci and stream his music, visit his Instagram page. If you’re struggling with addiction, remember that there are Christian recovery groups and centers that can provide support and guidance. Stay strong, stay focused, and remember that every day is a gift.

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Sobriety and Spirituality: Tvinci's inspiring faith journey and an honest conversation about addiction.
Tvinci and Pastor Mike, Jr.


The introduction and morning motivation [00:00:00] The hosts introduce the show and motivate listeners to wake up and be great.

Discussion about struggling with staying sober [00:01:41] The hosts discuss the struggle of staying sober for Christians and the consequences of not being sober.

Interview with To Vinci [00:04:09] The hosts interview Tvinci, a singer, songwriter, and musician, about his faith journey and music career.

Moving to Birmingham, Alabama [00:09:17] Tvinci talks about moving from Indiana to Birmingham, Alabama in 2014 and getting married shortly after.

Musical Inspirations [00:11:32] Tvinci discusses the artists who inspired them to pursue music, including James Fortune, Kirk Franklin, and Jonathan McReynolds.

Trusting God in Music Career [00:14:30] Tvinci emphasizes the importance of trusting God in their music career and how it has been a guiding factor in their journey.

Collaborations in Gospel Music [00:20:45] Tvinci expresses the desire for more collaborations in gospel music, both within the genre and with mainstream artists.

Bridging the Gap between Gospel and Mainstream Music [00:21:57] Tvinci discusses the progress in bridging the gap between gospel and mainstream music, citing examples of collaborations and the need to stop judging.

The Importance of Love and Acceptance [00:23:47] Tvinci emphasizes the importance of leading with love and embracing others, rather than judging, in order to see positive change in bridging the gap between gospel and mainstream music.

Alcoholism and its effects [00:29:22] Discussion about growing up in a home with alcoholics and personal experiences with alcoholism.

The dangers of excessive drinking [00:30:23] Story of a negative experience with drinking and the realization of the need to slow down.

Alcohol use disorder and its prevalence [00:31:23] Statistics on alcohol use disorder, including the number of males and females suffering from the disease, as well as the age at which children start drinking.

The struggle with addiction [00:40:00] Discussion on the challenges of addiction, the need for support, and the role of faith in recovery.

The consequences of addiction [00:40:54] Exploration of the negative effects of addiction on health, relationships, and the next generation.

Accountability and motivation in recovery [00:47:37] Emphasis on the importance of having someone to hold you accountable and the power of sharing your story to inspire others in their own recovery journey.

The testimony of Tvinci [00:49:50] Tvinci’s album “No Complaints” and his journey of faith and success in the music industry.

The struggle with addiction and the power of deliverance [00:52:25] The hosts discuss their personal struggles with addiction and the importance of seeking God’s help and joining Christian recovery groups.

Resources for Christian recovery [00:54:16] Different Christian recovery groups and centers that provide support and help for those struggling with addiction, along with their contact information.