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Ty Hartz – I’m Ready

Ty Hartz’s newest single “I’m Ready” from his latest project “Building On Sand” is highlighting the calling God put on his life! This song was inspired by his growth throughout the years! Check it out! 🔥

Been awake, no escape, watching love fade
hard days come I can ensure you like Allstate
but there’s hope in this walk that I talk
know the lies so don’t get caught like these fishes by the dock
it aint hard to see, I got a spark in me
cause God substituted out what was the dark in me (light it)
up knowing I was called to be

as an arrow for direction no archery
who can settle with this pain re-arange for a change all I’m seeing is the same cycle ways whats the aim for us
shooting guns hitting people we aint targeting
divorce courts for the slightest cause of arguments
think about how you doing on a low key
cause lot of times we hide our feelings when they asking
but don’t loose hope hold your head up like a nose bleed
cause every storm ends with sun after passing
never count it all loss

never trust someone who you notice is all talk
avoid the ones who want to come and just point out flaws
than feel as if they never moving like they all paused
to sell my soul aint a number you can pay me
be a light amongst the dark let your rays beam
shine through it, yeah shine through it
cause God can take your mess and add an a-g-e to it
show the way when I’m lost here on this road I
know you’ll lift me up whenever I get low I’m
ready for whenever you tell me to go I’m
back with it, this the moment yeah I’m back with it (X2)

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