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Unique Creation – 365

Unique Creation makes his debut on Holy Culture with 365, where Unique touches on distractions that come in the form of past traumas, life dramas, spiritual battles, and temptation. Let us know what you think.

About the project:
Black Fingerprint Associates (BFA) is proud to announce the release of Unique Creation’s newest single titled ”3 6 5”. On the back of the well-celebrated release of “Lessons” (featuring Feed’Em) from the first quarter of this year, “3 6 5” delves even deeper into Uniques’ mind, experiences, and memories. Unique touches on distractions that come in the form of past traumas, life dramas, spiritual battles and temptation. Produced by Warship music the song starts off with a melancholic guitar riff. The unusual combination of a guitar riff, 808 bassline and grimy percussions provides a surprisingly unique feel (no pun intended!!).

Containing both rock and grime influences the sound production is a refreshing but familiar mix for the ears. The simple combination of his lyrical content backed by a skippy rhythm reflects Uniques’ mood during the process of creating the song.

The first two bars provide a snapshot into one of his many experiences “I’ve seen an MC get himself beaten lifeless; Lessons hurt but they have been priceless”. The title “3 6 5” counts the number of days in a year and how we choose to use them. He went on to say, “I want to make sure the me 365 days from now can look back and thank the present me”.

Throughout this song Unique takes us on a visual journey he paints with his metaphoric lyricism and consistently creative wordplay. This song is for anyone doing what it takes to stay focused on an important goal despite the endless distractions of life. Unique makes it clear he plans to release a lot more music amongst other ventures he is working on behind the scenes. He also hints on the release of a new project he will be telling us more about not long from now.

Hook x2

Yea… on a 365,
Focus rate on a 365,
As long as i got air in my lungs my p.u.s.h rate stays on a 365,
Can’t let all of life’s distractions take me away from my 365,
If I’m not on a leap year then I go one hundred on a 365,

Verse 1

I’ve seen an Mc get himself beaten lifeless,
Lessons hurt but they have been priceless,
Rah my G so this is what life is,
walk by Grace so this is who Christ is,
Deviant heart with his mind deranged,
Sick of myself made a choice for change,
Either I start gwoppin or stay the same,
I crave success you can keep the fame,
I won’t stop till i’m Yohan Blakin,
Run till the finish line is for the takin
Hard work over talent statement,
Tend to the roots so I work in the basement,
Shaped by 3 nations, unique creation,
Gospel ward I was one of the patients,
Mangled heart that needed a facelift,
I know my place so I man my station,
Strip this life till she’s walkin naked,
I used to think she loved me but she faked it,
Healthy mind that turned to a mess quick,
Cereal dreamer fiend for the Nesquik,
Hurt for a bit/
lost myself to the world for a bit,
Broken tap turn it on for a drip,
Pass the cup man I thirst for a sip,
Darkest night’s where I watch for a pit,
Bun the system I’m not gonna fit, and I’m happy with it,
I know that I’m here for a reason,
But I did start with the mark of a heathen,
It won’t make sense if I ran on my own,
Got some good friends it’s with them that I grow,
I’m all ears if you got a good word,
If you come with sheg thoughts then I don’t wanna know,

Verse 2

Surrounded by Shameless demons,
Suggesting sin to the weakened,
Use their hands to shoot semen,
Deer in the headlights beamin,
Eyes full of sorrow leakin, seen too much,
Brothers need help but they act too much,
Many wish well but they can’t give trust,
Live with old scars but their my mind is stuck,
Sittin on the toilet started to clock,
How YAHWEH got me through so much muck,
faith and graft it’s more than luck,
Struck a few times but I survived the shock,
only through Grace that I’m still on this rock,
Fully grown kid that’s part of a plan,
The weight of the world’s on the heart of a man,
There’s still a lot that I can’t understand,
The need for the truth is high in demand,
Tryna keep track of the prints in the sand,
watchin the ones that were made from a lamb,
Full of regrets from the time that I paid with,
God has shown me so many cases,
pulled up my socks and tied up the laces,
given a vision and that’s what I’m chasing,
how can a shattered heart keep breaking,
so much broken glass on the pavement,
sick of seeing these guys walk past me knowing they could be another case in the making,
another unknown face in a picture how many times have I read these pages,
part of the vicious cycle,
it’s clear that we’ve been lied to,
I chose to live my life different,
Unique Creation’s more than a title,

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