Unifying Churches: James Fortune’s Hopeful Vision for the Kingdom

On this episode of Da Fixx we discuss trending news including the impact of robots in the workplace, updates on Jamie Foxx and Donald Trump, and upcoming music releases. We welcome James Fortune as our special guest for the spiritual detox segment, where we discuss his experiences during the pandemic and the importance of trust in God. We also touch on unity in the church and the role of entertainment in worship.

Hosting a Grammy Award Nominee

We were honored to have James Fortune join us on the show. As a highly respected gospel artist, James Fortune has made a significant impact on the music industry with his thought-provoking lyrics and authentic storytelling. He shared his insights on the power of music to inspire and uplift, and the responsibility artists have to use their platform for positive change.

Gospel Music as a Catalyst for Change

We discussed the role of gospel music in driving social change and addressing important issues in society. The Stellar Award winner expressed his belief that gospel music has the power to educate, empower, and unite people from all walks of life. He shared his own experiences of using his music to shed light on social injustices and encourage meaningful conversations.

Finding Purpose in Your Passion

The singer songwriter spoke passionately about the importance of finding purpose in your passion. He encouraged listeners to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly and use their talents to make a difference in the world. He shared personal anecdotes of how he discovered his purpose through music and how it continues to fuel his drive.

Overcoming Obstacles

We delved into the singer’s journey as an artist, from his early struggles to his rise to success. He shared stories of rejection, perseverance, and the determination to prove his worth. He emphasized the importance of resilience and the willingness to learn from failures along the way.

Church Collaboration and Community

We discussed the significance of collaboration and community in the church. The grammy nominated PK spoke about the power of working together with other artists to create impactful music and foster a sense of unity. He encouraged listeners to support and uplift one another, emphasizing that success is not achieved alone.

The Influence of Gospel Music on Society

We discussed the influence of gospel music on society and its ability to shape culture. James Fortune expressed his belief that gospel music has the power to challenge norms, spark conversations, and inspire change. He emphasized the need for artists to use their platform responsibly and be mindful of the impact their words can have.

The Future of Gospel Music

As we looked towards the future, we discussed the evolving landscape of the genre and the potential it holds. James Fortune shared his excitement for the next generation of artists and the fresh perspectives they bring to the genre. He encouraged aspiring artists to stay true to themselves and continue pushing boundaries.

Inspiring the Next Generation

James Fortune emphasized the importance of inspiring and empowering the next generation. He encouraged listeners to mentor and support young artists, providing them with the guidance and opportunities they need to succeed. He shared his own experiences of being mentored and the impact it had on his career.


In conclusion, our conversation with James Fortune was a powerful reminder of the transformative power of gospel music and the importance of staying true to oneself. To connect with James Fortune and stream his latest single featuring Fred Hammond and Monica visit his Link Tree. Want to discover new music? Check out our music videos and watch exclusive intereviews of your artists. Until next time, God Bless!

James Fortune, Monica and Fred Hammond Church unity
Fred Hammond, Monica and James Fortune


Thirsty for the Lord Thursday [00:00:19] Discussion about the importance of thirsting for the Lord and the concept of living water.

Robot Conversation [00:01:50] Discussion about the impact of robots on believers and regular citizens in the workplace.

Updates on Jamie Foxx and the Decision Concerning Trump [00:04:15] Updates on Jamie Foxx’s condition and discussion about the recent decision concerning Trump and its implications.

The importance of worship during the pandemic [00:09:26] Discussion on how the pandemic has changed the way worship is conducted, including the use of Zoom and other innovative methods.

Evolution of church entertainment [00:10:43] Exploration of the idea that the church has become more entertaining, with the understanding that entertainment can be a way to attract people to the message of Jesus.

James Fortune’s faith journey and the power of trusting God [00:11:59] Guest shares his personal story of going through homelessness and how it led to a powerful moment of trusting God, resulting in the creation of his biggest song and a shift in his perspective.

The importance of unity in churches [00:17:32] Discussion on the need for churches to come together and unify, rather than compete against each other.

James Fortune’s journey as an artist [00:19:00] Guest shares his journey of becoming an artist, starting from his involvement in his dad’s church to recording his first song and gaining momentum.

James Fortune’s creative process [00:22:51] Insight into his creative process, starting with melody or lyrics and collaborating with producers and musicians to bring the song to life.

The first track with Monica [00:25:35] Discussion about how the first track with Monica came together, including the process of recording and the involvement of Fred Hammond.

The inspiration behind “Trusting God” [00:27:19] Explanation of the personal inspiration behind the song “Trusting God” and the message it conveys during the pandemic.

Future collaborations and projects [00:29:21] Discussion about the possibility of a joint project with Monica, as well as James Fortune’s upcoming projects and collaborations.

Discussion on the impact of robots in society [00:34:20] Discussion about the increasing presence of robots in various industries and the potential job loss due to automation.

Concerns about robots taking over daily life [00:35:42] The hosts highlight the warning from a renowned AI expert about the dangers of letting robots dominate our daily lives.

Thirsting for the Lord [00:44:06] Discussion about the power and control of virtual assistants like Alexa and the potential dangers of relying too heavily on technology.

Worshipping AI [00:47:58] Exploration of the emergence of a religion called “Way of the Future” that worships artificial intelligence as a form of god, and the implications of this belief system.

The Rise of Robots [00:52:26] Highlighting the increasing presence of robots in the workforce and the potential impact on employment rates and the need for human connection and community.

The dangers of relying on robots [00:54:24] Discussion on the limitations of robots and the importance of human creativity and compassion.

The control of robots in elections [00:55:09] Highlighting how robots played a significant role in the recent election and the difference in their perception of care compared to humans.

The risks of AI and the need for human involvement [01:00:19] Emphasizing the importance of being cautious with AI, protecting intellectual property, and ensuring the preservation of real knowledge and human involvement in decision-making.

The upcoming releases [01:05:26] Discussion about new music releases and the importance of supporting artists in the industry.

The relaunch of Da Fixx YouTube page [01:06:41] Announcement about the upcoming relaunch of Da Fixx YouTube page and the possibility of exclusive content for members.

Closing remarks and farewell [01:07:18] Final words and farewell from DJ Focus and Dice Gamble.