Breaking the Chains: V. Rose’s Journey to Educate and Empower Others in the Music Industry

🎶 The Importance of Artist Education in the Music Industry 🎵

Are you an aspiring artist looking to break into the music industry? Or maybe you’re a fan of music and curious about what goes on behind the scenes? Either way, you don’t want to miss this conversation with V. Rose and DJ Focus discussing the music industry, mental health, and the importance of artist education.

V. Rose, a talented artist and founder of her own record label, shares her frustration with the lack of education provided to artists in the industry. The songwriter believes that many artists may not fully understand the deals they are offered and end up signing contracts that are not in their best interest. That’s why she aims to educate artists and provide a fairer deal, where the artist gets most of the percentage and owns their masters after two years.

But it’s not just about business – the singer songwriter also talks about her love for making music and the therapeutic benefits of writing. V. Rose drew inspiration from gospel music and R&B to create her own unique sound for her latest EP “Wilder Wonderland,” which she dedicated to God.

One of the standout tracks on the EP is “Just Wondering,” a powerful song about going through a difficult time and questioning your faith. V. Rose shares how she wanted to pour out wisdom from that experience and draw their listeners in through stream of consciousness writing. The song’s message is that it’s okay to emote and confess your weakness to God, even when you have a promise from Him but are not seeing it happen.

She also talks about the impact her music has had on her listeners, especially women, and how she loves receiving messages from fans. V. Rose recently collaborated on a single called “Doing It Up” with Angie Rose and Phan. It’s a song with a positive message that inspires people to think big and speak affirmations over themselves.

Overall, this conversation sheds light on the importance of artist education and advocating for fair deals in the music industry. It also showcases the power of music to heal and inspire others. So, if you’re a music lover or aspiring artist, give this episode a listen – you won’t regret it! 🎶

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The Importance of Artist Education in the Music Industry
V. Rose and Porsha Love