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170270_10150365657225076_676085075_16841698_5337181_oArtist Name: L923rd
Song Name: BrandNewEverything

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This is my newest video. Currently going through alot and instead of looking at how bad things were. I took a second to Celebrate and enjoy what was great. The lyrics are attached. I appreciate your support this far and also your taking time to read this message. God Bless

Going through a little bit of a rough time and this is how i chose to express.


New Day New Love New Everything
Married to the game, check the wedding ring
How many times have you heard that?
Then the same MCs put out the same trash
Im trying to bring life to it
Plus the word in my heart so you know I bring Christ to it
Turn the speakers up, Let the Jazz blow
Trying change hearts like the old show
You remember that, throw em back to the old days
Back when music had class, like school days
Now it seems everyday is a snow day
Thats probably why the radio gets no play
From me atleast, maybe some from you
Born again so pardon me if Im something new
Momma said go hard so I dont press breaks
Never leave the house without a shield and a breast plate
Heart for the world, eyes for the lost man
Im trying to reach them, before they reach the coffin
Death will find them, so Im moving with urgency
Nothing by chance, doing everything purposely
Turn me up or Ill throw the mic down
Screaming Gods Word loud check ya ear drums now
Check ya ear drum out out
Its about to go Down down in a major way
Im amped up that I even got to see today
My mom moved away, but its gravey
I thank the Lord in Advance for her safety
and mine too, momma I got you
Told me to handly biz, consider it handled
Studio at night, photo shoot in the AM
Working like a mad man, the lost is(are) waiting
I got a letter from Brother the other day
Told me he changed all his ways, and found Yaweh
Tony I know you behind bars, but you free now
and when you get out we gone tear this down
We gone tell the whole world ya testimony
And why they call you old head, and you less then forty
You dont belong there, but you soon outta there
and when you outta there tell the enemy beware
Today is the day, I almost complained,
So i jotted this out, as a reminder mane..
As a reminder mane..I jotted this out as reminder mane
Of How BlESSED I AM…Bless I Am..

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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