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Bridging the GAP “Without You” ft. J-Image (Official Music Video)

254358_810651041846_19506878_39322758_1820375_n(2)Artist Name: Bridging the GAP ft. J-Image
Song Name: Without You
Produced by: Video By: Christopher Warsh , Music By: RaCharm Music

CD Name: Reinstating Worship
CD Release Date: October 25 2011
Record Label: G.A.P Records

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This mission of this project is to reach out to those who feel the peer pressure of today’s society with Drugs & Alcohol & Suicide. We hope to see this project reach those with the hope found in Jesus. To bring awareness to this generation that these substances can lead to destruction and even suicide. We pray that this video will be used as a tool to be shared and seen by anybody who can relate and that they will find their Hope In Jesus and turn from these things and turn to HIM!!

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Record Label: G.A.P Records

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