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Video: Dooch aka HopeBoy ‘Can It Be’ (Tribute song)

My Lot artwork1Artist Name: Dooch aka HopeBoy
Song Name: Can It Be
Produced by: Diamond Style Production

CD Name: My Lot
CD Release Date: 1/2012
Record Label: R. M. G.

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Tribute to Joshua:

Verse 1:
My last one born the first one buried
I’ll never understand why you left in a hurry
All I know now is that you’ll have no worries
Or experience the pain we go through daily
You didn’t live life no not barely
Thinking bout the long road ahead’s kind of scary
Mad pain that we feel plus our hearts full of grief
But we trust in the Lord Christ to give peace
Lay you in a sheet wrap your lil body
Sit you on my lap just to watch you watch me
You always fussed when we laid you down
You’d rather sit up just to look around
Taking in the sights remembering our faces
How I wish son that we could trade places
2 months was far too short
But I’m trusting in the grace and goodness of the Lord

Can it be, that you’re not here with me
It was like yesterday, it was just yesterday
Can it be that you live here in me
You’re not far away
No you’re not far away

Verse 2:
You’re truly missed and loved by many
How I wish that our days were many,
More than we ever had together
But still thankful of the time that we had together
DJ, Jada and Nina miss you
And Genesis too wait go get the tissue
Because your moms is laughing and crying and all that
Peace in the midst of the storms what I call that
I couldn’t even watch you grow up
But a known fact is this cold worlds tore up
And it only gives out many hardships
At the end of the day Josh you were Gods gift
And that wont change that wont quit
Your always on my heart I’ll always reminisce
All the times that you cried and you laughed
I’ll give all my cash just to buy back the past

Can it be, that you were sent for a short time
On a mission to add to the Lords shine
Either way I had to write one more rhyme

Can it be that you came just to give peace
My lil blessing just to say the least
Sent from above to just strengthen me and Tiesh

Can it be That the Lord wanted you to come serve us
Teach us what love is trust is word up
Either way it go we get to walk a lil further

Can it be my lil buddy my lil man
Realistically I’ll never understand
at the end of the day your resting in the Lords hands

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