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Video: “Chasing Love” ft. SkyWay

392933_296008260418880_100000291260696_1165681_456972332_nArtist Name: Stack City
Song Name: Chasing Love
Produced by: SkyWay Rec
CD Name: City Limits
CD Release Date: TBD
Record Label: O-Line Records & Ministries
Follow Me: @stackcity34

We search for love in places that will never fulfill that void. This is true in relationships we have with the opposite sex. “Chasing Love” explores the negative impact of unhealthy relationships and how God’s love should be our source of satisfaction.

“Chasing Love” is the 2nd single from Stack City’s upcoming album entitled “City Limits”. This follow-up to the albums lead single, “5 Star General” (http://http://www.http://, features producer/singer/rapper SkyWay Rec (http://http://www.http:// and showcases a different side of Stack City’s artistic ability.

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