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Video: Zay Tate ‘Cooler’


278719_2055863877395_1268520126_31866140_6455240_oArtist Name: Zay Tate
Song Name: Cooler

CD Name: The College Graduate
CD Release Date: Fall 2011
Record Label: none

Follow Me: @acoolchristian

Zay Tate, Detroit native, is a powerful gifted, lyricist who speaks straight from the heart, producing art that reflects the cries of this generation. As a devoted Christian his aim is to reach the nations with a message of hope, peace and redemption. Though the world is filled with sorrow, Zay’s music shows that there is more to hope for in life and that anybody can be used to do something great. As a teenager who struggled with identity, which was only a symptom to a bigger problem called sin, caused him to pursue things that only left him yearning for more. He was left empty and wasn’t satisfied until accepting Christ into his life. As a early Christian he struggled with trying to be the perfect person, until he realized that is only by Gods grace that he could live this life as a Christian. He then acknowledge the fact that he was just ordinary but extraordinary through the life of Jesus Christ. Often using the term COOL, which stands for Christ Ordains Ordinary Lives, to demonstrate that even the most unexpected person can be called to be a voice for a nation. Releasing his debut mixtape, “The College Graduate” this fall, the current track, “Cooler” introduces Zay to the world. Look for more of Zay Tate in the near future, with webisodes on the creation of The College Graduate and the grind and hustle of a young visionary. Follow Zay Tate on twitter @acoolchristian. Also like him on facebook: Zay Tate. And be sure to visit the website

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