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docjones_spokenwordArtist Name: Doc Jones
Song Name: I Never Though
Produced by: DOCfilms

CD Name: Spoken Word
CD Release Date: Dec 2011
Record Label: Voltage Music Group

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“I Never Thought” is a spoken word piece about the enticing pull this world can have on our lives. Especially in a city like Las Vegas, where adults come from around the globe to a playground for sin. As someone who used to participate in that sin, Doc expresses how he never thought that one day God would be the center of his life.

This poem is also dedicated to all who may think heaven and hell is made up, Doc urges those to consider they could be wrong and invites them to turn to God.

We pray this video would bring tears to those who trust in Jesus and conviction to the hearts of those who haven’t believed yet.

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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