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Video: The R.I.C.H. Boys “Everything WIll Be Okay”

the rich boys

Artist Name: The R.I.C.H Boys
Song Name: Everything Will Be Okay

Produced by: Richie Righteous
Record Label: R.I.C.H Records
Follow Me: Twitter/@Richboys3

Hailing out of Queens NY are The R.I.C.H Boys, a group of three young men that are passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. Founded under the Rich Records label in 2009 there is something really exceptional about this group. Their devotion and complete regard for the Lord is the foundation for their creative lyrics. Edgy, mind-blowing material full of East Coast swagger is what to expect when listening to these three. Their music is high energy street hip-hop, which keeps it nothing but real.

Upon surrendering their lives to Christ, they each decided to live as examples for the youth of today. They go above and beyond to live right at an age where there is so much peer pressure and negative activity going on around them. On and off the stage they strive to ensure that their actions are acceptable in the sight of the Lord, and an example to young people everywhere.

The common interest of music and unsurpassed love for God is what brought Brian, Denzel and Travis together. They spend a lot of time in church nurturing their spiritual lives and sharpening their spiritual swords by learning the word of God. The name of their group The R.I.C.H (Resting In Christ’s Hands) Boys, speaks to what they want to represent, young people just submitting it all to Christ and letting Him take control.

With fresh beats and lyrical dexterity, these boys bring something unique to the table. Simply put, they are the future of Gospel Hip Hop. The R.I.C.H Boys hope that their music will bring individuals to discover the grace of god in Christ Jesus.

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