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Unwired-unofficial-coverArtist Name: Faith-D
Song Name: Help Fund Faith-D’s Project “Unwired”

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“Unwired” is a EP Music project that will encourage and help young people to find out what their identity & purpose is. In order to achieve this, there are a numerous of stages which needs to take place. The 1st process is “Un-wiring” yourself from anything that could be a stumbling block for you to have a personal releationship with God. After that 1st stage, a second process takes place in the heart of a man which is called “Regenertaion”, which takes the supernatual power of the comforter (holy spirit) to restore man to its original state. What happens after the music stops? The 3rd and final stage is called “Santification”, which is a day by day process to live like Christ through the holy spirit.

Faith-D uses music as an evangelical tool to communicate the good news, but in order to communicate that good news effectively through music, a good budget needs to be in place. The funding we hope to receive from you will strictly go to paying producers to produce good quality beats, studio time (recording sessions), mixing & and mastering and a documentary which will show you everything that took place while doing this EP i.e. Faith-D in the studio recording his songs, mixing process, collaborating artists in the studios and many more.

Please help support this project, by giving any amount you can. We pray that as you give with a generous heart, the fruits from this EP will be your portion!

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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