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Synopsis: Check out the first single off of California bred producer, J.Kennedy. “Higher Atmosphere” was inspired by a thought of what life would be like more relaxed, no stress. I was sitting home just think about my life before I made the beat, so I went to digging through records. I came across a very nice sample that I felt could express the way I was feeling at that point in time. The more I played with the samples, the deeper my thoughts of life came to my mind. Once I had a completed instrumental, I played it several times and just talked to God about where I wanted my life to be and as I talked to him I became more relaxed. It was like my mind was clear of all troubles. I feel like I was in outer space which is why I titled it “Higher Atmosphere”.

Produced by: J.Kennedy
CD Name: “California Dreaming”
CD Release Date: June 8, 2012

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