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Micah Ganee Sims II was born on December 6 1984. He comes from a long family line of pastors, ministers, & evangelist. “My great grandmother, Francis Rogers, was an evangelist and my grandfather, Buddie A. Sims was a pastor. It is at his church where I heard the gospel of Christ.” At the age of 9 EL-7VEN received the holy ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Later that day he was baptized in the name of Jesus, completing the plan of salvation according to Acts 2:38. Growing up he sang in the chior & played drums, adding to the family trademark of musically inclinded individuals. In his teen years EL-7VEN fell in love with rap music, which eventually lead to writing songs & producing music with friends & family. Dancing has also been apart of his life, allowing him to choreograph dance routines for local artist & travel accross the US. “The arts have always been apart of my life but I have always used it to promote the name of Jesus Christ.” EL-7VEN has finished working on his 1st release EP called Hydro & Flame & is currently working on another EP. Like his forefathers before him EL-7VEN plans to spead the gospel to as many souls as he can, continuing the legacy & fulfilling his destiny.

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