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380849_10150504291987189_695872188_10706893_2001876908_n2Artist Name: KMY
Song Name: Witness Intro
Produced by: N18th
CD Name: Witness
CD Release Date: 4/3/2012
Record Label: Independent
Follow Me: @kmy410, FB: KMY,

KMY, born Kelly Marie Yarn, is a living testimony of the power of the word of God. Her upcoming album, “Witness,” will be dropping this April, and from what we’ve heard so far, it’s like nothing we’ve ever heard before! While attending Berklee College of Music, KMY has been studying while writing, recording, and producing the album for three years now, and she is finally ready to release the project to the world! Her refusal of being placed into one genre is highly effective as KMY blends hip-hop, rap, pop, rock, folk, and jazz into one musical story while remaining true to the message of which she testifies to. The album makes a point to address the relevance of a relationship with Jesus Christ in a generation that longs for love, transparency, and direction. With musical features from artists such as Martay, Disciple, Marc Diaz, DJ Triple Threat, Chosen2bluved, Chris Theodat, and many others, this album is sure to rock the heart, mind, and soul of every listener. Keep an eye on this young woman as she has voice that is destined to speak to this generation!

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