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Music Video: God’s Elect “Makings Of You”

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Artist Name: God’s elect
Song Name: “Makings Of You”
Produced by: Twins Production – Filmed/Video By Alex
CD Release Date: 3.19.2011
Record Label: Christ Musiq
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“It started with a wish; the dream became true…” echoes God’s Elect from his titled track Makings of You f. Chuck Lane and New Jeruse. Makings of You tells a story that relates to Christ’s love and love between a man and woman the way God intended it. The two-day shoot began with God’s Elect, New Jeruse, and Chuck Lane along with videographer and director, Alex Bowens. The shoot started in downtown Washington, D.C. at the subway station the night before and the next day by the Verizon Center bringing the whole team together (on a cold, windy, and drizzly-rainy day). God’s Elect was extremely stressed by the 20 minute drive looking for parking but equally excited about bringing this video into fruition. Once the entire team ensemble together, we kicked off the taping in a small Thai restaurant where we all crowded in the back and the guys dapped it up and the ladies exchanged pleasantries with one another. Alex worked hard to catch every angle of these young, vibrant men as they hammered down these spirit-filled, enthusiastic, energized lyrics; as so did photographer, Mark Mahoney of Dream in Color Photography. God’s Elect even did a little bit of directing himself, go figure! The ultimate vision was to have the video debut on Valentine’s Day. Makings of You has hit the big screen that is, via YouTube.

To date, Makings of You has had over 600 views via YouTube and has also gotten raved reviews. The video has also appeared on front page of secular site Each person brought energy, charisma, and joy to the camera and it was all genuine. God’s Elect, New Jeruse, and Chuck Lane brought the passion and zeal that made it so much easier for the rest of us to fall right into place. One could see the authenticity between the couples that caused viewers to see that there can be an untainted display of affection between couples whether married or dating and yet remain pleasing to God and an example to others. For the young lady that may peruse and read this blog, there is a Godly man out there worth waiting and preparing yourself for that appointed time. For the young man that may peruse and read this blog, there is a good woman of God out there that you will one day meet that will make you understand and be grateful why it never worked out with anyone else! “…she holds the Ten Commandments that’s a true dime” –New Jeruse

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