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New video “All In” from Tha Mic’s upcoming mixtape Overcoming Anything. This song is an expression of being committed to God, regardless of your situations, challenges or circumstances of life. Some of the guys in the video have actually experienced those things referrenced in the song. Tha Mic hopes this song will encourage people to still come to God, be committed to Him, and go “All In”. At 6 months into his life, Michael Jelks, aka Tha Mic, was placed in the foster care system and remained there until the age of 19. Growing up in a system that leaves many people emotionally and physically battered, Mike was faced with many challenges which included moving from home to home, the death of a foster mother, being sexually active at the age of 9, and never having a strong father figure. With all the things that he went through so early, it seemed as though life had set him up for failure, leaving him with an identity struggle. He realized there had to be something more than just following the crowd and being trapped in the pain of his past, or being bound by drugs, alcohol, and violence. He became motivated and thirsty for something greater and turned to the source he had heard of for so many years in church but never tapped into for himself. He had an encounter with Christ that changed everything. Now he lives a life apart from the rest and walks in purpose and destiny, letting music be his weapon of influence. He now shows the world that there is hope for the statistic, the child born as an accident, and for those who feel hopeless.

CD Name: Overcoming Anything
CD Release Date: July 28, 2012
Record Label: Monophonic
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