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Video: Reveal spits an Acappella

bibleArtist Name: Reveal
Song Name: Acappella
CD Name: Reveal at the Black Symphany
CD Release Date: To be anounced
Record Label: War Records
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Reveal is a west coast mc and rolls with 2 hip hop crews, His Fame and Shadow of the Locust.He was born in Los Angeles Ca but now is posted up in Victorville Ca,The High Desert.He recently linked up with Man of War and War Records and is working hard on dropping a album later this year.

The album will be called “Reveal at the Black Symphany” and all production will be done by fellow locust Black Symphany.Be on the look out for this brother he says he’s got some fire up his sleeves and fat slabs of that underground meat for all ages…but make sure you bless your food before you eat!!! Enjoy.

you can follow Reveal at

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