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Produced by: DJ Vow
CD Name: World Rocka
CD Release Date: TBA
Record Label: World Rocka
Follow Me: @thaheata

Heata has been in the rap scene for over 10 years. He is currently working on his sophmore album, which is titled “WORLD ROCKA”. This is his follow up album of his 2005 release “Igniting Tha Fire” which was distributed nationwide by Word Distribution. Heata has strong Texas roots and a universal sound that is prominent in today’s music market. Heata has been featured on many other projects that have major distribution. Heata has a solid fan base which stretches across the states. He has shared the stage with numerous re-known artist such as Salvador, T-Bone, Trip Lee, Tedashii, KJ52, K Drama, Propaganda, Sherlock Poems, Grits, Manafest, and more also with secular rappers such as Frost, Chingo Bling, Wine-O and Dope House Records artist Rasheed.

“Scummy Life” is the 2nd Single to be released off the World Rocka Album.

Heata’s desire is that through his rhymes, the Holy Spirit is moved & will challenge lives around for the honor & glory of our Almighty Father. Far too many Christian artists say that they don’t want to preach at anyone, they only want to witness by their lifestyle. Heata does witness by his lifestyle, but the fact is most people will only see about an hour of his lifestyle. Heata is an evangelistic rapper that is not afraid to say what he is about. The music that HEATA brings, draws people closer to God. Heata expects every rhyme to preach, teach, & encourage. He believes that there are two roles that he has as a Christian artist: One as an entertainer, & two as a believer. It is important that he is able to get the crowd involved in what is going on. But, it is more important to fulfill his obligation as a believer, both on stage & off. Heata enjoys ministering at Youth Prisons and Juvenile facilities because these teens are often overlooked and feel out of place in the traditional church setting.

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