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WINGScommercialArtist Name: TYPE 3 Apparel
Song Name: Commercial # 2
Produced by: Instrumental from the song “More to Say” off of muzeONE’s “Cold War” Album (available on Illect Recordings). Produced by Dj Official

muzeONE releases second commercial for his benefit clothing line, TYPE 3 Apparel. This video will soon be featured on the JDRF of Eastern Pennsylvania’s website (

TYPE 3 Apparel – Fashion for a Cure

“Type 3 Diabetes” is a term used to describe the loved ones of Diabetics who have become a willing part of their support system: everyone from parents, friends, siblings and spouses, to those who choose to make Diabetic Care their life’s work like Endocrinologists and Diabetic Nurse Educators. This is who TYPE 3 Apparel celebrates. These are our heroes. TYPE 3 Apparel, created by Gabriel Padilla (musician, graphic designer, father of a Diabetic daughter), is an urban clothing line that attempts to bring awareness to the Diabetes epidemic in the Unites States and honor to those who live with the illness… by diagnosis or by proxy. TYPE 3 Apparel is not just about fashion. We are about action. That is why TYPE 3 Apparel donates a portion of its proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund and The Diabetes Research Institute. When you purchase a piece of clothing from TYPE 3 Apparel, you are also helping us step closer to finding a cure for Diabetes.

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