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“What You Know” The Official Lead Single for the upcoming Full-Length album from Yo’Conchus entitled “The Dead Testimony 2: The Rock Life”. “What You Know” is a Alternative Hip-Hop fused composition that encomposes the hardships of being a believer and also answering a spiritual calling. Yo’Conchus aims to articulate a transparent testimony of the last 2 years of his life. “What You Know” will be available on I-Tunes, Google Play, YoConchus.Net, and all Major Digital Download sites 7.17.12. #RockLife

Produced by: Brandon Ellis
CD Name: “The Dead Testimony 2: The Rock Life”
CD Release Date: 9.11.12
Record Label: “I’m So Conchus Music”
Follow Me: @yoconchus

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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