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Young Fiyah Debut Music Video “Keep It Movin”

photo(12)Artist Name: Young Fiyah
Song Name: Keep It Movin
Produced by: Samtrackz

CD Name: Fiyahworks
CD Release Date: 2012
Record Label: indie

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Bio: From the artist who coined the phrase “Yep Yessir” and has dispersed over 85 free mixtape songs, comes the first single “Keep it Movin.” This song is featured on his highly anticipated new album, “Fiyahworks,” set to release in 2012. “Keep it Movin” is more than a motto, it is an anthem Young Fiyah has lived by while facing fatherlessness, homelessness, and abandonment since early childhood. “Fiyahworks” challenges the listener with thought-provoking lines delivered in fresh and creative ways. The single and ringtone, “Keep it Movin” are now available for purchase on iTunes. Find Young Fiyah on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube under “Young Fiyah.” For booking send an email to


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Record Label: indie

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