It takes a Village KNG; CHH veterans Knowda Verbs and Pettidee united in Christ!

Why Christian Hip Hop is Alive and Well: Lessons from Village Kng

Are you a fan of Christian hip hop? Do you believe that Christian hip hop is dead? Well, think again! In this podcast episode, Pettidee and Knowda Verbs, members of the music group Village Kng, share their thoughts on the state of Christian hip hop culture and the importance of OGs in the industry.

Pettidee and Knowda Verbs discuss how their collaboration in Village Kng is not just a typical collab, but a brotherhood that they need in this season of their lives. They also reflect on their journey in the industry and how they came up with the name Village Kng, serving the “King of Kings” and being a brotherhood.

The dynamic duo also touch on the temptation to quit in the face of challenges and how they overcame it by focusing on their calling and the work that still needs to be done. They encourage artists to stay true to themselves and their message and not to be confused about who they are and what they stand for.

Moreover, the duo discuss the idea of retirement in the music industry and how ageism affects artists. They emphasize that the calling to share the gospel through music remains the same, and that artists have an obligation to continue spreading the message of salvation. They also believe that as long as an artist is still relevant and making great music, there’s no reason to retire.

The episode also highlights the importance of music in spreading the message of Christ, with the Village Kng members sharing the inspiration behind their new song “Harriet Tubman.” Drawing from a quote by Harriet Tubman, they relate it to the current generation, where people are so bound to technology and disconnected from each other. The speakers emphasize the importance of leading others to freedom and helping others find their way.

Knowda Verbs and Pettidee, CHH is alive and well.

In conclusion, Village Kng’s story shows that Christian hip hop is alive and well, with OGs paving the way for the next generation of artists to continue spreading the message of salvation through music. So, let’s continue to support and uplift Christian hip hop artists in their mission to share the gospel and inspire others through their music.

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Knowda Verbs and Pettidee; Village King: The Power of Collaboration and Brotherhood in Music

Formation of Village Kng [00:01:08] The guests discuss how they formed their music group, Village Kng, during the pandemic and how they started creating music together.

Past Collaborations [00:03:49] The guests talk about their past collaborations with each other and with the group Grits, as well as their long-standing friendship.

Rediscovering the Joy of Music [00:05:21] The guests describe the moment they rediscovered their love for music while creating their new music together and the excitement they felt when they realized they had something special.

Village Kng [00:06:50] Pettidee and Knowda Verbs discuss how they came together to form their new music group called Village Kng.

State of Christian Hip Hop [00:08:50] The speakers discuss the current state of Christian hip hop and how it has evolved over the years.

Progression of Hip Hop [00:10:09] Knowda Verbs talks about his journey in hip hop and how the culture has progressed over the years.

The Early Days of Christian Hip Hop [00:14:19] Pettidee talks about his early days of rapping for Jesus and how he was influenced by SFC and other Florida rappers.

Validation of Christian Hip Hop [00:17:47] Discussion of the validation of Christian Hip Hop and how it has evolved over time.

The Difficulty of Christian Hip Hop [00:19:31] The challenges of creating Christian Hip Hop and how it requires true art and biblical accuracy.

Learning from OGs [00:23:01] The importance of learning from OGs in the music industry and avoiding mistakes they made.

Importance of Knowing History [00:23:56] The significance of knowing the history of Christian hip hop and the struggles faced by its pioneers.

Quitting Music [00:26:31] The feeling of wanting to quit music due to the challenges faced in the industry and how to overcome it.

Hip Hop is not just for the young [00:34:31] Ageism in hip hop and how it is time for the genre to mature and grow, just like other genres such as rock and jazz.

The process of quitting music [00:31:15] Taking a break from music, burnout, and the process of rediscovering the hardwired creative call.

The gift of salvation [00:30:13] The calling to share the gospel and the obligation to the world to spread the gift of salvation. How the collaboration came about to continue the mission.

Harriet Tubman [00:39:47] The inspiration behind their song “Harriet Tubman” and how it relates to the current state of the music industry and society.

Female Christian Hip Hop Artist Season [00:42:56] Supporting female Christian hip hop artists and how they incorporated a female artist, Rocket, into their song.

Resilience of Harriet Tubman [00:43:34] The resilience and bravery of Harriet Tubman and how it inspired the aggressive part of the chorus in the song.