From Viral Sensation to Professional Musician: Bri Babineaux’s Unlikely Journey

Going viral

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with singer songwriter Bri Babineaux. She shares her journey as a musician and how going viral on social media led her to pursue music professionally.

We also discuss the impact of the pandemic on marriages, particularly in the context of kingdom marriages. Bri emphasizes that marriage is work and requires constant effort and growth, regardless of how long a couple has been together.

“I feel like the pandemic was needed…we needed a pause from the everyday routine…in that time God was able to speak to me and I was able to really find myself and find myself in a good way to know what I wanna do and what’s the next for me…it’s just being isolated and being okay with being isolated at times.”

We also dive into Bri’s musical inspirations, which include Stevie Wonder, Sam Cook, Aretha Franklin, and Anita Baker. She describes herself as an old soul and loves good music and good singing. The songwriter shares that she knew she had a gift for singing from a young age, but it wasn’t until after the pandemic that she decided to pursue music professionally.

The Power of Prayer

Bri talks about the importance of prayer in her life and how it guides her decisions as a musician. She emphasizes that her main goal is to bring people closer to God and that she cannot imagine pursuing music without His backing. Bri also talks about her hiatus from music and how she needed to take a step back to figure out her sound and what she wanted to convey through her music.

As Bri says, “if you are in alignment with God’s will, you will not fail.” Her story is inspiring and a testament to the power of self-reflection and prayer. Tune in to the full episode to hear more about Bri’s journey as a musician and her thoughts on the impact of the pandemic on marriages.

“I wanna make sure that the things that I’m doing that I am not turning anybody away from him like I could care less if you like me at the end of the day but if I’m representing him and the ultimate goal is to get people to him then I wanna make sure that I don’t turn people away from him and turn people off to him based off of how I’m carrying myself and what I’m doing.”

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From Viral Sensation to Professional Musician: Bri Babineaux's Unlikely Journey