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Holy Culture is looking for Volunteers

Published on September 29, 2018

Holy Culture is looking for volunteers

Holy Culture has a renewed vision to serve the community.  If you have a desire to serve in some capacity, please complete the volunteer form.

Once we have the volunteer forms in and reviewed, we will set up a call to get folks together and discuss our path forward.  However, for those who have been Holy Culture supporters and customers for quite some time, you like have some questions that I can try to answer here.


Why Volunteers Now?

That is a fair question for many as Holy Culture has been totally inconsistent in operation for the past several years – for which I (James Rosseau) make no excuse.  Simply stated, some of the things we have done in the past did not produce the results we wanted, so now we move forward.

What will be different?

First, we will be customer focused and agile in approach.  That means observing and listening to the needs of those we want to serve, building out and constantly improving based on those insights.

Second, my passion is helping others reach their potential.  in July, after working more than twenty years in management roles, I was blessed to exit the corporate world and now lead our non-profit, 501c(3), Corelink Ministries (which operates at The Corelink Solution) on a full-time basis.

Our purpose statement for our non-profit, The Corelink Solution (, is simple: Revitalize communities by helping individuals reach their potential. Thus far our plans consist of seminars/training for adults (some of which I just delivered in Newark, Delaware), partnerships with schools (our first pilot just began with a charter school in Chicago), our podcasts designed for a broader audience to empower through the topics of personal and leadership development, entrepreneurship and social justice (education in particular) and our writings (blogs, books, articles, etc.). Further, we envision the expansion of our online training in 2019.

Holy Culture, as an entity, resides underneath The Corelink Solution umbrella, which I believe over time will prove to be significant as we work to expand the impact and audience for the genre.


Are Holy Culture’s Goals Changing?

No, we will continue in our aspiration of serving the community through CHH and R&P.

Over the past few weeks, I reviewed documents going back to the 2000s, reminisced over first meeting Vic Padilla, who started Holy Culture, have talked with Anonymous, who founded, which later merged with Holy Culture when Vic retired and Ben Lippens who led our DropCD efforts.

I’ve looked back at various promotions and campaigns such as “The Breakout,” and “I am Holy Culture.” as well as ventures such as and our forum.  All in all, the goals and mission have never changed – – it has always been a consideration of the approach, acknowledging the times and the available means.


What Kind of Volunteers do we need?

I hesitate to list roles as I do not want anyone to prematurely de-select themselves.  We are in the early stages of rebuilding a team, so I am not going to pretend I can provide an absolute list of the roles.  I will say that in each area we will need folks who will want to act as a leader for an area, actively coordinating activities and others who would like to serve along with that person.  Below are some of the clear skills that we know we need on the team:

  • Content Curation
  • Distribution Management
  • Podcasts and Streaming
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Content Management
  • Writers


The Minimal requirements for any of the volunteers

  • You are a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ, with a passion for reaching others through the resources and tools we provide to the community.
  • You conduct yourself as a professional.
  • You agree to work and collaborate as a team member.


Thanks so much for the consideration
Trig (James Rosseau, Sr.)


Holy Culture, LLC operates and, providing media for the general consumer; tools and resources for artists and serves as an advocate for the CHH genre.  Holy Culture’s tag line represents it’s mission “connect, collab and inspire.” We exist to promote Christ, serve the Christian community and provide tools to those that co-labor in the culture.  We cover hip-hop and R&P

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