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[Watch.] Aasha Marie – Nova’s Overture

‘WYWS (While You Were Sleeping) is the culmination of songs that detail my personal journey of coming into who I’ve always wanted to be as an artist…awake and aware. ‘Nova’s Overture’ being the intro.’ @aasha_marie

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I’m tripping gifted by the scripted sovereign hand who lifted the wicked and parted seas
Enlisted my wilted vision pitted against His vivid sight set mine on
Twisted things
Didn’t want the bling but I wanted Bing
Send me your location like Khalid
Young adult fienin’ for some childish things
A result of leaning on the wildest flings
Arranging threads to arouse seekers
Changing beds like Housekeepers
Woke in darkness, sleep to the light: guess you’d call me a light sleeper
Throwing myself, boomerang
Real life, Murphy’s law, headed downhill
And who to blame? Me myself and I
But a worthy cause came when he called I
Was dropping draws, should’ve dropped my jaws and stopped with awe in God’s
Beautiful presence over flaws
When I needed balm, he applied the gloss
Humbled myself under a boss work for eternal rewards
This Earth is temporary I keep my eyes on my Lord
Who led the animals two by two
Make dead homies alive: that’s a 2 Live Crew
Dropped down the paralyzed and raised the roof so the
Master could say: “Rise”
Go and read Luke, our flesh must be denied
Spirit must rule, so His word can override
Fearing His truth, you’re in need of open eyes to see the proof
I’m a wild child in CRUcial conflict with you
Replace regular teacher’s like subs do
When sin’s reign is in charge, you subdue
My flesh evil intentions
I accrue your Spirit with conviction, that’s anew
So imitate and copy, me parakeet
I pray you get the Holy Spirit Paraclete
In every mouth to edify mimic speech of believers who practice what they preach
My past is bothered, I’m done in the future with the Father and the son
Lori Harvey, story hardly, anything like mine, she messing with kin
I mess with Divine, though Satan steady on Mattel Barbie
Tryna tempt me, so I fail hardly
Paralyzed by his spells Spirit standing tall sealed, I’m the mail enveloped in fellowship with the Big 3
This is us, bellow gifts through triplets metaphors wordplay mellow tips in my songs
And if I fail or slip keep on making my haste to His throne
God in the background, Pips
Gladys will is my benefit, get into this, get into this
I’m camping out with new material,vamping sounds for few imperial
No cappin’ crunch on this, please
Go grab your cereal breakfast, sin is serial killing
Ethereal sights and sounds where sin is more God’s grace abounds
Used to be lost, now I am found
I’mma bear my cross and cast my crown
Without Christ I’m a ship without Sails, Naija
I’m a Queen without males, tryna give birth to an heir
To carry my legacy, witness and share
The gospel that won’t stop giving props
To God who wants me to bear fruit like lattice tops
No pie in the sky, but stock
So save your coin, invest when my album drops



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April 13, 2020

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