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[Watch.] B.E.R.I.D.O.X Ft. Keylaze – Staying On Track

“Opponents against God fail, every single time. So don’t disrespect the King of Kings, just get in line…” @beridox215 / @keylaze

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Verse 1/Beridox
Until the Lord comes back,
I got to stay on track
And fight against the attack
That’s trying to get me to relapse

And fall back to my old ways
How I use to live in my old days
When I’m brand new
And now roll with a Spirit filled crew

See I blew opportunities in the past
I tried to live fast, chasing the cash
But cash could never outlast

The Lord’s presence, so when I compare it
There’s no comparison
It’s quite embarrassing how I lived when I was up under sin

Dominion wasn’t mine
It was quite hard to fine
So I didn’t understand God’s design
For all of mankind

I was blind like a bat, in fact,
I spitted sinful raps
That were snacks for the demonic
To fill the world with traps

And snares, minus the 808’s
I had no clue, God would come through
And have me spit raps contagious like the flu

My job is to make sure Christ is felt
And to all those undefeated champions, prepare to lose your belts

Opponents against God fail, every single time
So don’t disrespect the King of Kings, just get in line

His grace is sufficient, He gives you permission
Stop all the fighting, get with Him, nobody has the option to miss Him

Too many games are being played, decisions are being made
The wrong one can end your life, right one can change your life

Calling on Christ took my life to another phase
So now I’m amazed, and now I pass the mic to Keylaze

Verse 2/Keylaze
He tried to throw me off, but couldn’t take my mind
I must be a threat to the devil cause he’s showing signs

Now get thee behind, the blood’s against him
I got power to resist him, we know his ways, can’t miss him

And everybody with him, they can’t stop me
Cause God got me, I’m confident not cocky

I know they watch me to catch me slipping like ice hockey
I’m walking by His grace, some days, I got sloppy

It’s not by me, but by His Spirit who lives inside me
Got Whirlwind and Beridox beside me

I’m never alone, I’m not on my own, I’m where I belong
And when I am weak is when He is strong, He’s taking me on

His Word is my Bond, by love I am drawn, made everything calm
In the midst of the storm, looks like I was gone, but it brought me no harm

Ring the alarm, run and tell that
Jesus is Love, I know He got my back

I no longer got to hide like I’m busting traps
I’m alive, He filled me up like I had a flat

In the presence of the Lord is my habitat
The devil knows my name, he won’t say, who is that

I’m a fight til the end, til I’m off the map
I’m a fight, cause we win, this is more than rap

I’m a fight for my kin, no matter white or black
We’re one body, everybody let’s stay on track

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