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[Watch.] Justin Martyr – Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion? A Multi-Ethnic Christian Response

Is Christianity The White Man’s Religion? Nope!!!
I had the awesome opportunity of hosting a conversation that is a response to the all too common false and debunked claim that “Christianity is The White Man’s Religion.” I addressed this topic in my video/song “White Man’s Religion?” and on the “White Man’s Religion? (A Conversation)” Interlude on my Album. By God’s Grace, my network of believers is extremely diverse. Watch as Christians from various backgrounds and countries discuss this topic.

Participants include:

Sam Mahisekar (Asian-Indian American)
Ayanda Khumalo [TK](Zimbabwe)
Yu Cui (China), Luke Dudenhofer (European-American)
Justin Martyr Francis (Jamaican-American)
Deandre Short [Ovaflo] (African-American)
Nelson del Valle [aka Regenerit] (Puerto Rican)
Kris Southall (European-American)
Leon Abbey (Puerto Rican/African-American)
Josiah Dudenhofer (African/European-American)

This conversation was filmed by Jim Yeung and edited by Jim Yeung and Justin Martyr.

#notawhitemansreligion #globalfaith #everynationtribeandtongue #christianresponse #justinmartyr #nnsm #newnamesamemission #holyculture


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August 19, 2020

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