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[Watch.] Kamban – Fortified

“When you servin’ God, you bound to get attacked” @kambanmusic

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You thought this was just music
Nah, this is war[Verse 1]
I do battle on the track
When you servin’ God, you bound to get attacked
Pulled me out the black (Woo)
I Feel the Spirit on me when I start to rap
God done got my back (Ooh)
In the fire with me like your boy Meshach
Tried to get me, now I got to get you back
Quit your hiding, boy, it’s time to pull the mask
Time to pull the mask, tried to hold me back
Powerful attack, still my soul intact
Now, I’m bout to have to take it to the max
You ain’t cool with that, shouldn’t fool with Dad (Ooh)
Look, I ain’t pulling punches, I go full one hundred
Stepping on the neck

Snake bitten, but ain’t getting the effect
Satan, he don’t want to mess with the elect (Nope, woo)
My Whole life felt neglected and depressed
Now, you think I’m finna let up with the message
After you done tried to get me with that wreck
Never get respect, never blind to your methods in effect
Benefit the flesh, step to me again
You gettin’ met with my heavenly connect
Rep Him to the death (Ooh)

This should be more than you can handle
It is for me
Our battle is not against flesh and blood
Our battle is against the spiritual forces of evil![Verse 2]
I got some enemies sent to me tempt me continually
Critics ain’t helping me, never defending me
Perfect repentance, that’s what they demand of me
Go tell the world ’bout my Son, He commanded me
I ain’t gon’ live for opinions of man, ‘cuz see
I ain’t discouraged if you ain’t a fan of me
Under the wing of my God, like a canopy
If you can’t stand the Heat (Sheesh!)
Guess you better stay back if you ain’t trying to feel flame
Get set on fire, I can’t let ’em to get me fade back
Straight facts, I ain’t never afraid to get aimed at
I ain’t never gettin’ swayed back to them days passed (Woo)
Look, I got a lot of religious people trying to pry at and prod at me
I ain’t your project and I don’t need all your theology
Need you to pray for me, honestly
Look, man, I’m in the book, fam, in with the good Lamb
Took a stand, God got ’em shook (Yeah)
They never stood a chance
Won’t advance, they got the folk entranced
Playing their only hand
I abandoned all of my old advances
I do what Hov commands (Ooh)

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