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[Watch.] Zack Limitless – Way Out

This is the music video for my single “Way Out” off of my “From The Bottom” EP. The song talks about struggling to make ends meet and hoping that God can use music to be the way out of that. I also talk about the dangers of comparing your life to the “highlight reel” that people present on social media. @Zacklimitless

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Okay now, Feel like I been searching for a way out
I feel the weight hmm, too much on my plate
Need an escape route
I need to make it
I feel like the music is my

Verse 1:
Way out of this mess, i’ve got some things that I need to progress, feel like I can’t get this weight off my chest, A lot of these days I’ve been feeling the stress
I’ve been thinking a lot lately
Pondering how far the music can take me
When they make their top 5 want them to debate me
But I’ve been slacking greatly, I know rap can save me, can’t be acting lazy, kill a track amazing, blaze it, the bar I’m raising, its crazy, how far I’ll take it
Won’t faze me, if ya’ll will hate it
Some balances I ain’t paid yet
Shoulders getting heavy
I feel like the levy bout to break if I don’t catch a break
I might lean on the Henny AGH

Okay, Feel like I been searching for a way
I feel the weight
Too much on my plate
Okay now, I been searching for a way
I feel the weight on my plate
Need an escape route
I need to make it
I feel like the music is my

I’ve been here before
And I’m tired of it
Hopeless on my own

Verse 2:
Father’s a preacher in the church
I walked away I know it hurt
Came back around It took some time
I try my best for what it’s worth
Instagram taught me a lesson
Comparisons lead to depression
Looking at everyone’s highlights
You start to build up resentment
Pessimism in a mental prison
While you’re faking happy is a new religion
The intention behind your decisions is impressing people even if it’s fiction
Fake flexin is a real addiction it be better off if you kept it real
Spent all that time being fake happy hard to tell you friends how you really feel
Don’t do it alone it’s cold on your own, that’s probably why it’s called isolation
Whatever you’re facing tell someone about I promise you that you are gonna make it
We deal with the cards that we’re delt
I know that you strong by yourself
But still everybody needs help
Everybody needs help 

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