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Whatup ya’ll its ya boy DJ Eklectic, I DJ for CLE Radio wit my dude Doc Watson. I also DJ for and produce Real Talk Radio wit my boys D-Kan & E. I doin this blog thing on Holy Culture; hoping to share perspectives on life and what God is showing me. Today I’m gonna talk about the big lesson I learned last year, and what I’m still learning every day.

2008 was an interesting year.  I began getting more visibility as a DJ; particularly on the secular scene. I should say that I was a Christian before I was a DJ and God led me to become a DJ, I always had a passion for music. I often thought about if it was bad for me to be playing secular music particularly the materialistic & sexual themes in today’s popular songs. I never really had a concrete opinion so I was out there playing whatever whenever.

In the summer of 2008, one of my boys hit me up about playing for one of the secular radio stations in town. I wanted to be a DJ for a radio station for awhile; it seemed like a great opportunity. I began seeking the Lord and talking with my friends about it. I got a lot of opinions on it. My boy Edgar aka E(from Real Talk Radio) was against it and he brought more than just an opinion, he gave me a few scriptures. It was Romans 6:13 that really stuck out to me.

“Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness.”

Its interesting that the word “instruments” could also be translated as “weapons”. This was very challenging; for me to walk away from this opportunity meant walking away from money and exposure. Now I don’t really care about fame but I do want to get out there and let my music and talent be heard. It also meant walking away from some paying gigs; trying 2 get by in college isn’t easy, every dollar counts. I spent a lot of nights wrestling but I knew that in the end I had to stop spinning secular and give my dreams to the Lord and trust Him.

The Lord had taken care of me up to that point, He would continue to provide. I began to see secular music for what it was, I didn’t want 2 make a few bucks or get exposure by disrespecting the Lord with that music. And make no mistake about it, most of whats on the radio disrespects the Lord! With that battle won, I played at a lot of outreaches throughout the summer and continued seeking the Lord. As far as things went with a radio show, things didn’t pop off right away. I really had to wait for the Lord to move. October came around, D-Kan, E & myself started “Real Talk Radio” Its been going strong. Then back in February-ish Doc Watson hit me up about doing CLE Radio. Its been a blessing to be a part of both radio shows.

All this to say that, when you seek God and surrender your dreams to Him He does incredible things. I could’ve been making money by giving glory to sin. Instead I am giving glory to God! And thats more rewarding than any amount of money.

Peace & Love

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