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Wesley Tate, aka King Wes has released his EP titled “The Kingdom”. It consist of four songs: “My Hero”, “The Kingdom”, “Without You”, and his newest single “You Don’t Know”. The songs can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, and Google Play.

King Wes is making a comeback to the music world with a NEW sound, a sound of power. The lyrics portray emotions formed through various life experiences which he triumphed over through the Word of God. His music is influential and inspiring to all races and age groups. King Wes is not a stranger to the music industry, formerly known for “We Drop Bombs” and “Twinkle of an Eye” off his sophomore hit album, Divine Purpose. He has been a featured artist on many local shows and concerts in the state of Arizona, Alabama, California, Florida, and varying states. Through preparation, dedication, and determination this man of God is ready to present his message through music to the world. Music that is inspiring, empowering, and uplifting to all.

The EP will be released by his very own music label, Kingdom Authority Music Group LLC. King Wes is the CEO of this independent label and is thriving to bring change by being the change that the world seeks. Kingdom Authority Music Group LLC was founded in 2005 and has worked with big names such as Big Prophet of Birmingham, Big Nate of Houston, and Big Unc of Los Angeles. King Wes has worked diligently creating an empire formed on a firm foundation of 7 years in the music ministry and on an impeccable testimony. Now the time has come to present to the world “The Kingdom EP”, music designed to change your world.

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