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West Coast Muzik “Resurrected”

Artist: Goldie
Song Title: The Devils a pimp
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Artist: YB
Song Title: Like Ah
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PERMANENT MUZIK/HOLY JAMZ is proud to present the highly anticipated compilation album WEST COAST MUZIK. The album is currently available at:

This album features nineteen different tracks from various artists, all hailing from California, including: 12TH Tribe from Bakersfield, Armor of God from Lancaster, Que from Los Angeles,  R.E.I.G.N from Oakland, Tha G.I.M. from Fresno, and Transparent from Richmond to name a few.

This album will provide the listener with words of encouragement, high energy beats, and an undeniable West Coast sound. Also, this project, which will be released once a year using the best singles made by West Coast artists, will continue to exhibit and promote unity among the artists in the West annually.

Word on the street for years has been that West Coast artists don’t get along and just can’t seem to work together. BEEF!!! between Southern Cal and Northern Cal has always been a part of California Culture since the zoot-suit days. Never seeming to disappear, there has been a lack of unity within the Golden State and within the Holy Hip-Hop Community from the early days.

Moving forward to 2010, word on the street as quoted from a well respected Christian music distributor is, “Lack of record sells past the great state of Tennessee is the reason why Christian Rap artists in California are having a hard time moving units.” However, most artists seem to believe that the, “every man for himself,” attitude is the reason that only a few Urban Christian Culture record labels still exist in California.

This High energy album will revitalize the West as major contributors to the music market and provide the foundation of UNITY among the artists in California.

Please check for tour info.

For more information please visit: or or call 661.547.0333.

For Promotions/Touring/Booking contact: HOLY JAMZ – 559.790.1832

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